Jan. 17th, 2010

I've been buying a bunch of these lately. Well...sorta.

I got the original Mario vs. Donkey Kong (I played it long before and rather liked it).

I also picked up Golden Sun and (briefly) Golden Sun 2 and Fire Emblem (no subtitle). But both refused to work in my DS for some reason so I had to return them.

I'm still looking for a good GS2. I never really got into Golden Sun that well but I'd like to.

I recommend Drill Dozer but it is about as much of a challenge pain as Henry Hatsworth. It has a lot more leeway with health than HH though and a bit more forgiving.

Probably the hardest game I've gotten through entirely is Jak 2...but more because that game is an asshole that takes random chance to the max. Still, you can restart most things fairly easily. Some of the stuff that LordKat talks about in the Till We Win series makes me shudder.

Oh! I know...Battletoads gameboy. That was probably the toughest thing I got all the way through. But then that version is probably a bit lesser in challenge than the console one.

If I can get my hands on a GBA SP (and there was a non-backlit one at the store tonight for 19.99), I'd love to find a bunch of the old old games from Gameboy original and what I missed on Color. I do have all relevant ROMs but owning them would be neat.



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