Jan. 25th, 2010


Slightlywarped is apparently the place from which all those weird internet photos come from @_@. ^^ Fun stuff though. I remember most of these from repostings here and there.
This was an interesting little dream because it happened with a brief nap I had.

I just finished the DVD released part of the TV show Glee (I enjoyed it, especially episodes that centered around the character Kurt.)

It had bit of the feel of that show blended with DOLLY from The Wotch. Basically the young girls in a neighborhood were setting up a store with the help of a certain multi-national corporation based in China. And they were converting everyone in their path. The main character was a teacher much like the main one in Glee (the dream was third-person and rather cinematic). There were a lot of chase scenes as the teenage girls chased the teacher around blocks, trying to convert him into one of them. There was an element about Netflix and that made me think they could convert people with videos in their store. But I'm not sure about this part.

I remember there was a bit of a twist ending to it that reminded me of the ending of Brazil. If I do this as a story, I might change that but I kinda like that ending. Maybe done very ambiguously.

But yeah, just about the same ending as Brazil. Our hero gets away and somehow managed to find the woman he loves and he gets away at the end. But something isn't quite right...*winks* ^^

On another note, I haven't been using my new chair a lot because it's still too darn high and I need to stack my legs to feel comfortable but it's tolerable. It's just a shame. I'll need to see about getting the footstool raised I think. Bleh. Better than it could be but I'm still annoyed that it's so darn high X_X. Or maybe I'm just too small and short...oh well ^^;.



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