Feb. 12th, 2010

I visited the UCLA library down in Los Angeles. It was quite a thing.

It wasn't too much driving going down. I got there around 11 am. I bought an all-day parking pass at Building 2 and walked from there to Powell Library where I did some searching in the catalog after buying a 20 dollar printing card. I later added another 20 bucks on it and used all 40 up with around 240 pages of printing (two book pages on each page or so) for over 400 pages copied. I hit Yeats very well with my resources but Eliot and Pound a little less although I have resources for each of them. I'm gonna try online sources a bit once we move the couch and things get settled. I'll do what I can to put together an annotated bibliography of what I see as my best 10 sources. I have over a dozen just from the library...Young library. It was full of stuff. A lot of things I wish I'd been able to get a while ago. Even the general circulation stuff was really good. I kept to that. Very cool all around.

I started work on the resources in Young after using the card catalog in Powell. I liked the rotunda and the cute little rest area with recent books all around...although the poor college students were mostly just sleeping in the chairs (Btw, the view from Powell across to Royce Hall and the whole area there was beautiful and it was a nice day. It looked like something out of a movie and I really wish I'd been able to take a picture or something that could do it justice. It was quite incredible.). I stayed from noon at Young until just after four when I realized the traffic and lack of light would suck with getting home if I stayed any longer.

Sunset Boulevard = Sucked. 20 minutes to go a mile.

405 = Typically sucky. But I got further than I did on Sunset.

From there I stopped at Islands burger for something nice since I missed lunch and I was quite dehydrated...I had five glasses of water. Had a nice big salad with some meat in it. Then I stopped at a biggie Barnes and Noble in the area and got an issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction...which the local Barnes and Noble never seems to carry anymore. And I also got Oathbound by Mercedes Lackey because a friend recommended it a while ago (and it had a passing scene of zappy). I used my gift card for that. Then I drove home and actually made it back before 8 PM and since we're clearing off couches to be moved tomorrow, I did some vacuuming to deal with the dust that has been kicked up. Since a neighbor is doing the moving around 10 AM, I'll be sleeping in...Saturday and all. And I walked a long-ass ways so I've earned it.

*Patchouli gives her thumbs up on the lots of books*

One complaint.

My stuff I was looking for - mostly 5th floor
The only nearby copy machine - back of the complex on the 2nd floor

A couple of the books had orange mold but otherwise it was an awesome library ^^V.



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