Feb. 22nd, 2010

The reason this exists is silliness between me and Anna ^^V *cheer*

Rawk Lobster! )
That's what I think was happening today. I had a tough time turning the lift over the carpet with mom but I know it'll be even tougher when it comes time to use the lift in a home setting for real.

I finished early though and I headed right home for a nap. After that nap I got ready for class and I stopped by the city library and the county library. The city library had all five of my holds in stock. I got several Best of American Comics compendiums and this post-new-Ice-Age one about archeologists totally missing the point of art in the Louvre. I don't expect much because I noticed in skimming that they mistook graffiti for religious marks. Would modern scientists really do something like that? It strains believability a bit. Now alien scientists, sure. And the Bottomless Belly Button something too.

And then Parasyte 2, 1910 set of League, and a couple other items I'm forgetting. It was fun seeing the OED in class...and being reminded of the fact I still have another paper to do. I might just do it ahead of time to get the blasted thing out of the way and...*checked my grade on my first paper...* 24 out of 25. And I also got 94 percent on Annotated Bibliography. That's a good sign. I might actually be able to put something out of this quarter yet.

But the little story I was coming to in the title...

I was heading to the county library and as I was coming through the double doors, I saw this truly surreal sight. There was this teenage guy with a backpack being chased around by this security guy.

I stepped aside despite the fact I probably could've stopped him by hurling the largest book at him. I didn't want to get involved in assault by literally "throwing the book" at someone. The guy ran up the main street a long ways. The one guard was...not much of a runner but other people helped. A female accomplice was caught quickly. My best guess from the conversation is that they tried to stuff DVDs into their backpacks which were being returned and weren't coded to go off with the door alarm. But the security people saw them.

When I was returning to my car with my books I'd borrowed, I saw the same guy...still running...still being chased go right past me. Again, I could've hurled one of my big books right at him or used my umbrella or something. But it did happen pretty fast.

By the time I was starting to drive off, the guy had been cuffed and was being walked by the civilians and security to the library. I'm curious to see what the details will be in the police blotter of tomorrow's paper or something. It was a very odd incident all in all.



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