Mar. 18th, 2010

Gonna take a shot at getting to a full hour of Pokemon Let's Play tonight and then post tomorrow or so.

How were things today? I slept through getting to say hi to Anna on her scarce library internet ;_;. But I'm gonna try to catch her tomorrow/later today.

Mom has pancreatitis now too. Not sure why but she felt quite sick. On top of everything else, it's sad to see. She's going to get an MRI rather than a CT scan which would've caused more problems because she has an adverse reaction to iodine dye....her kidneys shut down. And this time it could've been permanently.

I hope there's good news tomorrow but it looks like another day in the ICU.

Oh and 84 percent on my 12 page paper. So looks like a high B or barely an A with classwork. We'll see. Not sure on the other one quite yet.
It was cool. The art was very classic Disney-ish. The voices felt very ubiquitous for me which is always a good sign instead of always being conscious of a famous voice actor (well, okay, I knew the baddie's voice famously but he still rocked on his own). I liked it a lot even if the message of it was a little hard to figure out.
An A for the tough as heck 12 page paper class! An A- but still... Yay!!! I was hoping for it! *cheers* *twirls* ^^ So awesome!

Considering I got a B (84 percent) on the paper...I knew it would be close but I'm so glad I got it ^^ <3.



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