Mar. 28th, 2010

*salutes* hehe

I'm doing okay on the whole. It was over 600 dollars to fix the brakes on my car, which was a bummer. I had steak rare-ish for the first time in a while last night. It was kinda nice. Then I was good and had salad tonight.

Still working out how we'll keep the house clean now. Mom was gonna be sent to a recovery facility a long ways away (Kindred Hospital related). Which would've sucked for visiting her. They're trying to find other options. I hope they won't be costly but we'll see.

I did some writing...about 500 words for a new story. It's kinda venting a lot of stuff I see in the hospital with mom as well as some personal experience for when I was super-sick one evening in the emergency room.

Then a quick new idea about everyone swapping gender on a character's friends list when they seem to get their bag switched with someone else. Then finishing off A Touch Too Close and Paranosis before I move onto new works like brainstorming and organizing Mecchen House 2 in April. Anna said there might be new arts soon. Hopefully from my comic plan for her. I need to get beyond panel 48 still though.

And that's about it for now. I need to actually send back Gamefly sometimes...I have had Castlevania X for the PSP since January (although I'm pretty far in the Symphony game) and the same with Kingdom Hearts DS. I've been watching a good deal of South Park and other shows on Netflix streaming on the Wii since my disk for that came. A lot of fun.



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