Jun. 6th, 2010

Slow Sunday

Jun. 6th, 2010 11:09 pm
I'm happy with the new A/C vents arrangement. The room where my parents usually are stays around 78F during the day. Them being...older...that's a good temperature for them. The vent there is mostly closed and the air goes just on where I sit. All the other rooms of the house get more air flow and it's cold. It's gotta be around the low 70s in all the other rooms (excusing this one because it's near to the outer part of the house and has more leakage but still it's nice).

Otherwise today has been mostly playing Picross 3D...losing at it...looking at answers for the frustrating puzzles with my PSP in my lap...repeat. I also watched some odd channel named Current...which is like Reality TV...only like E!...only doesn't E! do the same thing? I was mildly amused for most of it. But it was like that weird The Soup show I remember randomly seeing a long time ago when bored. Clips of stuff online with jokes. It tickled my funny bone except for a painfully long interview with Afro Ninja....you know...that one.

And then some weird English hosts and a woman who haaaaates the British seaside. Considering some of her reasons, I would too. Now I'm curious to find her original video.

Found it - http://current.com/groups/culture/76375922_i-hate-the-seaside.htm

I'm past 3000 words on The Art of Fu. Blasted thing. Just want to finish it :p.

I added some new movies to Netflix last night. From Paris With Love. Edge of Darkness. Shutter Island. And is it true Tales of the Gold Monkey was the inspiration for Disney's Talespin? I added a disk of it out of curiosity.

A lot more on my Instant Watch queue. All the MST3K I could find. Lost Tapes. Better Off Ted. Mad Max. And I'm trying to make sure I can see all the Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Sarah Jane Adventures stuff in the proper order.

Is there a proper order?



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