Jun. 15th, 2010

I gave up sleep to see this :p hehe. Gonna do quick thoughts then nap.

I'm one of those people who wants to see a Mother Compilation and Mother Online someday...but that probably won't happen...so I know to have reasonable expectations.

+ Zelda: Skyward Sword...cool looking (adult Link cel-shading). Nothing really standout but then it's Zelda. Zelda is Zelda each time. The world is very pretty though. There's a whip though. S&M Zelda? *hopes*. Next year release.

+ Mario Sports Mix - Neat. Nothing much else to say. Need to see more and I wish it was online.

+ Wii Party - Kinda the Mario Party replacement. The Wii Play-esce. Will it require Motion Plus? I know I'll probably need to get it if I want to play Zelda.

+ Just Dance 2 - Moving on...

+ Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - <3. Unfortunately very little for the DS first-party wise. It's gonna all go to the 3DS.

+ Goldeneye remake - Heard about it but neat presentation. I'm not terribly sentimental for Goldeneye but it's fun to see it around.

+ Epic Micky - Gorgeous looking. Love the level-design. More side-scrolling than last time. I just love the style.

+ KIIIIIIRBY! - Kirby Epic Yarn - Epic continues. Kirby's got new threads...or rather, he is thread. The style looks awesome and the play style look fun too.

+ Dragon Quest 9 - Awesome to see it get some action along with Metroid Other M clips.

+ Donkey Kong Country Returns ^^ - Fun looking.

+ And the big tamale. 3DS. They kept the name ^^. And they recognize 3D glasses are the biggest problem in showing 3D well. Say what you will about the color scheme on the new 3DS (it's about what I've heard rumor-wise)...but darn it...those are my favorite colors so they've got me <3. I assume that a zillion color iterations will follow. One slider pad is gonna be a challenge, just like with the PSP. Love the addition of the Home button. Its two cameras look like eyes ^^. Slider for 3D is nice. I kinda assumed having two touch screens wouldn't work with that many buttons. Motion sensor is cool but I hope it's not used all the time. That's a lot of control stuff to keep in mind. 3D photos is a nice touch but not sure the usefulness. Hollywood 3D movies! Kinda muscling in on Apple's video stuff. I'm really hoping for Netflix as well. *crosses fingers*. Ahhh...Project Sora. I was wondering about that and the Kid Icarus everyone wanted is here. Impressive visuals. Comparable to a PSP or Wii. Hard to tell at this point....and games.

Nintendogs + Cats (cats <3). Butt-load of devs (sees - Bandai/Namco, Atlus, Activision, EA, Leve 5 (yay!), Sega, Harmonix, Majestico, Takara Tomy (what's that?), T2?, MMV?, Hudson, AQ Interactive, Konami, Rocket?, THQ, Ubisoft, WB, Square Enix, KT, and Capcom). And holy cow...quite a list. I'll need to catch it later. SAINTS ROW!!!!! <3 Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

More Professor Layton. Ridge Racer. Assasin's Creed. Metal Gear.

Dead or Alive? @_@...in 3D?...(aka - jiggle vision?)

And then a corny closing but I've already passed out with all those games so it doesn't matter. Graphically, Wii is quite a bit below the other major consoles but they played to their strengths with cel style and side-scrolling. Playing in different and cool ways. Great conference for Nintendo. I wanna see the full assessment of upcoming 3DS games and I'm gleeful for PSP2 (Someone give me my Netflix on the go!)

I want reasons for future PS3 and (hopefully) PSP2 to live in happiness with my Wii and DS (and 3DS). Waiting on Sony next ^^.

EDIT - *sees Kirby in action in better video*


This is like Yoshi's Story on acid @_@
Sony thoughts

+ *sighs* -_- Killzone 3D...Sony addressing the 1 percent of the audience who is rich enough for super geeky tech.
+ SLY COOP...oh...just a rerelease...
+ I like Eyepet's idea. Augmented reality is neat.
+ Move and SORCERY!...People cheer him turning into a rat :p. Geez...these people will cheer anything. The wand looked insanely twitchy...and try really attempting to aim in a direction to hit something moving X_X.
+ Golf and right here the biggest problem with motion controlling...you need to be as good as a golfer's aim every time you swing at the ball.
+ This I liked...Heroes on the Move (Jak, Ratchet, Clank, Sly, Bentley, and Daxter). It's a small Brawl adventure mode...doesn't make much sense logically but the character are so fun.
+ Who the hell is Kevin Butler and why is he telling annoying jokes for so long?
+ 80 bucks for a full Move controller. Around 60+ for a full Wiimote with Motion Plus and Nunchuck. Not bad. Just costly when you consider this is in addition to your regularly controller. For each person who plays. Oh and you need the Eye camera too.
+ MARCUUUUUS!....I have a bad feeling about this new ad campaign. It's not giant enemy crabs but it's Zelda-esce "Yo homes!" wannabe-hip.
+ And more God of War inter-quels on the PSP...haven't we kinda told all there is to tell? I mean there's not much wiggle room for more stories.
+ The PSP games were awesome though. Parasite Eve 3 and Patapon 3 (although I need a bigger memory stick to download 2 and probably this one as well). Nothing particularly new otherwise though.
+ "Can't make it to E3? Just come online and see a cruddy Second-Life-y version of grainy videos you could just see on a computer!"
+ I didn't sleep much but my gosh...I wasn't falling asleep to Nintendo...
+ LittleBigPlanet2 - Some amazing...games created (wow...whole games). Love that concept. What worries me is it sounded like they designed a lot of the levels over just 24 hours. They probably didn't mean that. Some of the little demos felt derivative but LBP2 will probably have some great tools. The PSP version is a great game too. I wish there was more online stuff for it.
+ Ah yes...pay online...but just "extras". Still, I don't think it's a good idea.
+ *naps* Medal of Honor...
+ Dead Space 2 footage...the Microsoft footage was neater.


+ Nice Portal 2 teaser - "I think we can put our differences behind us for science, you monster."
+ TG moment in Assasin's Creed footage as a woman turns into an assassin guy...no idea why but it's cool.
+ And montage of stuff I only mildly care about.
+ No new PSP hardware? Really? Aww...
+ And they finished on a new, glossier version of Twisted Metal with distracting reflections and shine. But with online. Finally.

And that was E3...

Found the trailer - http://kotaku.com/5564435/portal-2-trailer-the-bitch-is-back

My main reason to buy a PS3 would be the Little Big Planet series and now Portal 2.

I need to track down the teaser trailer.



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