Jul. 12th, 2010

I had a rough day with early heat. It's gonna be worse with 110 later this week but I'm managing right now. Gonna need to have a lot of air blowing.

Sorry I missed Anna X_X...

Mom has a dreaded doctor's appointment on Wed. I'm gonna try to get her into the wheelchair more often so she can move around. She had some issues earlier with her skin and she's always in pain.

I'm in a bit of pain myself with my poor ezcema finger. The skin is really raw but I think it's on the mend because the wound is closed. The new gloves are lousy. Need the plastic-y ones again but those are hard to find.

On a happier side, I played a bit of Dragon Quest 9. It always manages to impress me. I really liked 8 on the PS2 and this one seems to follow a lot of the design ideas. The land is lovely and the map is pretty cool.

I like the setting. The videos were really impressive. I'm tempted to have fun with it. A lot of my jokes would be at the expense of Celestials and other little random things. I'm intrigued by the fact iteration of the world seems to have gone back to a He "Almighty" instead of a Goddess. But I may be misreading. I need to pay more attention.

It's a lot of fun to make a character. I made a purple hair and eyed female character with the shortest hair. A lot of familiar monsters are back but I like the sack things the best. DQ seems to almost get as quirky as Earthbound (although the Mother series is much more bizarre with monster choices). I like wandering the world. There's no a lot of a quest right now. It took around an hour for me just to get to the credits. I believe 8 started the same way but I don't think it took quite as long to get the opening. I wish I had more of a party but none of the monsters have caused much trouble yet.

I like the mini-quests so far. Nothing too complex. I always feel like I'm missing something but I think I've figured out this RPG to the point it doesn't bother me much.

One thing I absolutely love and it's basically a game-changer for me...is seeing the monsters on the field. It's kinda old for other RPGs but it really makes this game so much better. Now, if you're significantly below a monster's level and it sees you...it will run away. ^^ That's cool.

I really enjoy checking out the landscape now.

Work continues on my next story. It's definitely in the vein of a B-movie thriller. Hopefully it'll be exciting. I'm still not certain on the ending. I kinda wanna go against expectations. We'll see though. Gonna do some more work on it soon ^^.



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