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Stream of memory and consciousness retelling...

This dream was fully cinematic. It was intense too. It started out with two friends, my POV character for most of it and his African-American friend. They run from zombies in this semi-futuristic, semi-Mall of America type area.

There are beaten down or glowing corridors and there's always running or using blunt objects. As the dream story begins, the zombies are slow, dull-witted and easy to take care of, so if you get bit...you're just being stupid.

As the dream goes, they meet up with more people like a lady scientist and some military personnel who are trying to evacuate the area as well.

I don't recall these sequences too well. The first part I can really remember is where they are desperately trying to get access to a lot of guns so they can fight their way to a planned chopper takeoff area.

So they go to this grizzled old guy who has a beaten down secret base. It's very wooden and rotted but absolutely full of things on the walls and tables to immediately kill people with (like cyanide...acids...massive knives)...and at the back, he has one of the zombies tied up.

We watch and it's starting to edge towards his dog (it's one of those small but kinda shaggy-like dogs...I'd just seen Hot Shots Part Deux on streaming earlier and it looked just like Saddam's dog). The grizzled man asks the group if the zombie is only playing dead and they note it is moving. So he gets down and whips it over and over, screaming at it, and then finally shotguns its side a little so it settles.

Another story arc is that the other main, the black guy, is trying to find his girlfriend (isn't that always the way in these stories?). He eventually meets up with her when the group has the guns.

At this point, the zombies start to get tougher. The group is trying to escape with the old man, who helped them find the guns he has stashed, through a concert area where the floor is a trampoline like for Cirque du Soleil or something. And the group runs and bounds to get higher and the zombies are bounding into the fray as well and their jumping gets good but the group gets through that and into the more futuristic copter area.

At this point, the zombies really get interesting because they seem to have gotten themselves together into like a battering ram (and this is one of the big moments in the dream). They have four zombies running together at the group and they're holding a fifth in front of them (side/frontways) and it is constantly biting.

The black friend gets angry and tries to tackle down the battering ram group of zombies so the others can get through. He kinda fights them off but he gets pinned under the group until the others can finally pull him off.

The group keeps running and finally feels home free when the black guy gives his girlfriend a kiss...and it's half-bite. And she looks at her face in horror and the group realizes that the black guy has been nibbled on the leg and is infected. The girlfriend takes her gun and immediately shoots herself before she can become a zombie.

The black guy is horrified and cries...but he's starting to mumble and get stiff and lethargic. It then switches to his POV and it's strange...it's kinda like the Terminator POV in the first Terminator movie...you can see his thoughts and words and you can see his thoughts starting to break down but he screams over and over for them to put him down before he becomes one too and then there's a little bit of "blarg"...like zombie speak in his consciousness...and then a bullet blasts through his head and consciousness like fireworks shattering everything and fizzling out.

For the last bit...the POV returns to the main guy and the group is getting onto the copters. They're fascinating. It's on a large airfield. But the copters are tall...narrow...and shaped a little like fat, gray sails. I'm sure I saw something like it on Avatar but they look really cool. The copter takes off and it's epic intense music time over the dream credit sequence. The copter is flying over a freeway with cars burning and stopped and people running and there's a shopping center off to the side with so much going on all over...blood streaked on buildings and people trying to running around their cars from the zombies. The copter is distressingly low on the action though.

There's like an off-ramp and a TGIFridays where there's a sign advising what to do about the dead (I could read it easily but I forget the exact wording). The copter is going below and above the overpasses and it's getting into a middle city area (you follow behind like you're flying).

The whole dream is incredibly-detailed with all this and there are subtlities I'm really missing. But there's a tow-line on the bottom of the copter and one of the zombies who can really jump grabs on the bottom of it and is trying to climb up. The copter pilot is trying to shift flight modes so he can get higher but it's stuck and the zombie is trying to get onto the copter. So he flies a little lower and the zombie is splattered against the overpass and they're clear.

The copter also shifts into more of a jet-fighter mode and flies high and away. There's a little epilogue at the end of the dream as the jet is going back into copter mode and landing at the fortified air base and the POV zooms to the heavy, tall fence around the entire base.

The zombies are all around there. They can't break through the twenty foot barrier but...they're pilling up on one side and the pile is very high and at the last moment...one of the zombie maws stretches over the top of the fence and growls....

End of Epic Dream ^^.
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