May. 21st, 2010

Had to write about it because it was quite vivid and cinematic. I call it "A Routine Mission".

It was about a lunar mission in orbit. There's a ground lunar crew and an orbital crew and they're relaxing on the job. They're chatting it up while they work at setting up an ice to hydrogen factory from mining.

The orbital guy is playing a game of naming popular songs with the ground guy. They're laughing it over and then suddenly the orbital guy loses contact with the ground guy. He gets a little nervous, thinks he hears the ground guy's voice and he moves closer to the ground station. And he starts to hear music. He can't think of the songs but they sound familiar. He tries to work through them and gets them and as he gets each of them, they change.

There's a lot of tension as he approaches the ground base. He gets close enough to look and sees everyone frozen on the ground. Not fallen over or dead. Just frozen in place. For some reason, he finds it really funny and begins laughing and keeps laughing.

He keeps playing the song game and eventually things start to change...he feels his muscles burst through his suit. He's strong. He's so strong he can hold his breath in space and run between the Earth and the Moon easily. He bursts through his suit like a superman and runs down the surface of the Moon, saves everyone, and runs across asteroids. He even manages to save the kitten he loved as a child and lost because it's floating out there...there's nothing he can't do!

Then cut to his oxygen-deprived body floating in the depressurized space capsule...

And that was where the dream ended ^^.

(As an addendum, if it continued I would have a mysterious scene of the capsule suddenly slowing and changing direction towards the ground for an extra mind-screw ^^).



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