Jul. 28th, 2010

I am Kerina, a fallen celestial trying to help poor souls continue on their way and sooth their loved ones. And get my fyggs back to the Yggdrasil tree.

I am a mistrel, level 23 (tried warrior for a few levels). I have short purple hair and violet eyes. I wield a hard platinum sword and a platinum shield. And of course I get great protection on my head from a plumed feather headband (somehow…). I wear silver mail and ultramarine mittens (they’re fashionable!). My legs are protected by iron kneecaps and I have Wellington rubber boots that ground me in case of lighting attacks (with all that metal you gotta do something to project yourself from being painfully zapped). And I have a good gold bracer ^^.

My allies include Anna (named for anna-wren). She’s a level 23 priest (and very good at keeping us healed). She has long reddish hair (as befitting her ^^) and greenish eyes. She wields a battle fork (which doubles as a great salad fork). She holds a light shield to keep her mobile and wears a yellow Mercury’s bandana. She just changed into magical robes to up her healing prowess and she has lovely silver bracelets. She also enjoys the iron kneecaps so no monsters can kick her in the shin and those lightning-zappy-proof boots. She has a gold rosary to boost her healing abilities as well ^^V.

Then there’s Nina, a skilled martial artist, level 23. She has lovely blue hair and bright red eyes. She wields a pole arm…and a big one. The pillar of strength. It’s a giant metal rod and it hurts a lot. Because of her giant stick, she can’t carry a shield too. She wears a nice pointy hat and tortoise shell armor. She enjoys those trendy ultramarine mittens too along with fishnet stockings. Those rubber zappy-proof boots also round out her ensemble. And she has on a bow tie ^^.

Lastly, is Jin (named for the favorite character of a friend), a level 22 mage. He has short blond hair and intense eyes. He wields a new chain whip which isn’t too strong but it can hit every enemy. I also recently got him a platinum shield just like mine. He has on a cool turban and a nifty cloak of evasion. There’s the silver bracelets as well as an odd choice…He protects his legs with blue jeans. And those rubber boots again to guard against not-nice zappy. A gold ring rounds out his questing outfit.

I’m still only about 18 hours in but I feel like I’ve gotten a good ways. Just need to spam those metal slimes.



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