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Birthdate:Apr 16
Location:California, United States of America
Website:DeviantArt Heh. Well, lets see. I'm a post-graduate English college student with a teaching credential still sort of half happy half in denial that I'll be a teacher eventually. I still live with my family so I'm kinda nursemaid to older parents. But that's ok because I've been trained well with four years of a medical program through high school which nearly led to me getting a job as a medical assistant with potential to become a doctor some day. But I instead I wanted to write and read literature. I also love anime, manga, the idea of flexibility and change to gender and gender roles, and RPGs.

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24 tv, advance wars, angry video game nerd, animal crossing, anime, anime-ization of the world, antelope valley, art, azumanga daioh, bagels, bob dylan, books, bottle fairy, california lutheran university, calvin and hobbes, catch-22, chobits, chrono trigger, classical, cleaning, computers, connie willis, cranberry juice, creative writing, darkstalkers, did i mention zappy?, disgaea, eastern philosophy, elton john, equal-rights-and-love-for-all, ernest hemingway, excel saga, fantasy, gender, gender bender, girlification, gnosticism, good shorts, gravitation, happiness, hayao miyazaki, home, hot shots golf, hugging pillows, inani, invader zim, isaac asimov, j-pop, james joyce, john mayer, joshua trees, journeys, jrpgs, kasimasi, keroro gunso, kingdom hearts, kino no tabi, kirby, kyo-ani, kyon, learning, lifehouse, little snow fairy sugar, lost, love, maiden-making, manga, mark twain, matrix, melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, midnight bliss, mushi-shi, nagaru tanigawa, neil gaiman, netflix, neuromancer, nina-hugging, nintendo ds, nintendo wii, norah jones, norse mythology, not snowing, odin sphere, panera bread, paul simon, phoenix wright, pixar, playstation 2, portal, powerpuff girls, princess tutu, professor layton, queen, ranma 1/2, raspberyl, ray bradbury, reading, robert frost, rock, root beer, sandman, satoshi kon, sci-fi novels, science fiction, scrubs, shinto mythology, smoked salmon, srpgs, stargate sg-1, supernatural permanent gender changes, t.s. eliot, tad williams, target, teaching, temporary gender changes, the beatles, the fray, the golden compass, the rolling stones, the shawshank redemption, the-girl-who-leapt-through-time, time hollow, to say nothing of the dog, transgender, video games, wall-e, watchmen, william faulkner, writing, yotsuba&!, yuki nagato, zapping, zappy
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