I really enjoyed finishing this. It was far tougher than I expected but I'm glad I made it. A long-ish story in a little over a month. I enjoyed creating it. Next up...Medley! ^_^V

Story concludes... )
I really enjoyed writing this...it was tougher...but I enjoyed it.

Story continues... )
I really enjoyed writing this...especially with the little touches.

Story continues... )
This was fun! ^_^V

Story follows here )
Here's a zappy story that gives me lots of ideas for where to take it. It's gonna be fun ^^.

Story follows here )
The first anime I ever saw...Unico: In the Island of Magic.

^^ I'm nicely traumatized from it...


Supposedly, it's finally going to see re-release on DVD ^^.
Since it finally feels bearable around here due to the repaired A/C, I'm gonna flex my writing a little before I gear up for some more creative writing. For this, I'm just going to reflect on my experiences with anime and offer some thoughts about what I see as the keys issues of the industry.

reflections )
Last week's Chi's Sweet Home ^^

Some decent sub font on this one...so I'd like to share because it clarifies the other one I posted previously. Interestingly enough...it's funnier for me watching it raw.

In Japan it's the one which owns Haruhi so that branch is okay but they won't distribute US titles anymore, after Friday and then no more releases at all after early Nov.


List of Titles Affected )
I got bored last night and I finished off this third disk of the show. Five more episodes. I really feel like my Mecchen spirit is replenished now. I needed to really get a lot of anime feeling back. I really have it now. And so...here we go.

Ran From The Truth! )

See here...wow...I must see more about this show...
I love what I've heard about this movie. I hope to see it. ^_^

I love all the Satoshi Kon films. Really trippy.

I watched and screencapped Super Gals episode 28 - 32. I actually liked one in particular and Mami <3 Yuyu (aka Second Place) and it being a sorta mutual relationship @_@. That blew my mind. I took notes and I plan to put up a little bit about each after a while and after I do some more Mecchen writing.

Kyon X Koizumi as Yuri!!! ^_^ <3

Meme idea!

Feb. 18th, 2007 04:23 pm

I just struck upon a meme that needs to be spread.

Real-life photos re-imagined with anime girls.
more details to follow )



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