There isn't a lot changed to turn a classic of literature into a zombie book.

That said, all the dry turns of phrase are quite the same. But there's also ninjas. And Shaolin arts. It's like...a very skillful fan-fiction adaptation which both takes itself very seriously and at the same time doesn't. Like South Park's Great Expectations adaptation. It manages to depict the key points and really satirize them too.

I'm only a few chapters in but I'm enjoying it...but then I'm a book geek.
I'm still actively working on time travel tale and a couple of other ideas, but I have some new things too. I'm trying to wrap my head around consonant sounds in time for the Jan 27th Test. I'll need to get through the other end of the lectures and pick up the pace a little too. But that's a later matter.

Firstly, I finished reading the book Firmin

Firmin, The literary rat )

Nice day today. I got my books from Amazon.

I can finally finish Sandman! The Kindly Ones volume looks huuuuge, so that's a good deal. Main problem - My bookshelves are quite past the point of saturation. Time for more bookshelves! That'll involve cleaning the spare room more and turning it back into the bedroom it was intended. That's definitely on my yearly plan next to making sure my fledging idea for a website happens.

Aside from volume 8 and 9 of Sandman, I received volume 2 of Hidamari Sketch. It'll be on my bed, sitting on my pillow. It's not quite a "so ronery" shrine but it's nice to have cuteness as one of the last things I see before I fall asleep.

And then, because part of me totally is Patchy, I went to the library for more books. 

But, this time, stuff I needed (mostly). Two books on my author for the Wed class and one on phonetics which is organized by letter. And then I got a 3000 page book of American Literature from the Colonial Period to the Romance Period. And I just got it cause I saw it :-p. No other reason than that.  

I added 3 more disks of Twelve Kingdoms to my queue and I did a little more phonetics reading. Other than that...I was curious about the plane that ditched in the Hudson River.

It was fricking cool! I'm a side nerd about plane disasters. And I know how F-ing hard it is to ditch a plane in water. It never works quite how you wish. There's so many variables. Especially when the plane is in trouble anyway. I cannot remember a single incident when a plane of this size has ditched perfectly without damage or death. Then again, I was wondering how they said the river was slushy. That probably helped keep it afloat. As I said, really fricking cool. Now that's a plane crash I can really enjoy.  And a pilot to appreciate.

After my allergy shot today, I got supper at the mall for everything and while there, I picked up a 2009 day calender. One in particular caught my eye....Lio ....vampires, ghosts, and undead bunnies <3.

I've been reading Firmin (the literary rat novel). It's hard to dislike it. But it sometimes tries too hard. But there are moments apart from all the gushing of literature and clever little verbage...when you see the same little love of books that you can connect with and universal human fear and weakeness. But it's still weird to see a rat who wants to kiss Ginger Rogers...

First, I posted a cleaned up version of a free-writing exercise on DeviantArt. I gotta admit, DeviantArt is pretty awesome for posting text. I'm surprised. I considered trying a little bit of stuff on but DeviantArt has a pretty good system of showcasing the text compared to others.

That aside, here is my review of SS Astro #1

Come along on our ship. We have boy-boy and girl-girl love to spare! )
Someone on [ profile] glorious's friend list had a idea for a "New Years goal to read" [and finish] "100 books". I am stealing that idea...which glorious had previously stole.

What have you read and enjoyed? What books would you recommend? Any good books with zappy? As an English major and sci-fi/fantasy-of-a-certain-type geek...I've been insulated in the type of books I experience. I want to diversify my readings by the end. And I know I'll be a better writer for having read that much more.
I have Sandman and a couple of other graphic novel sets which I've told myself to dig into. But firstly, I borrowed a book of compiled essays on space and science topics.

Thoughts here )
Persepolis is easily the best graphic novel I have ever read on my own without being referred to by someone that 'omg! this is the best thing ever!'

Unfortunately, if I were to refer it to others, it would destroy that chance for any of you. But it's a lovely story of childhood with a girl in a progressive, middle-class, loving family in late 70's to early 80's Iran, especially during the Iran/Iraq War. There's one moment which follows when young Marjane (Marji in the book) learns that her home street was bombed and she rushed back and there's a moment which follows soon after she finds there parents safe and she realizes who wasn't safe...well...the panel expresses it perfectly with a black void labeled, "No scream in the world could have relieved my suffering and my anger."

Aside from the dark and sobering moments there are precious joys and adorable fun and there's a spirit to young Marjane which shows at the beginning with the playful head veil rebellion at her school and her love of Kim Wilde and Iron Maiden. Her parents, outspoken Marxists, are also jovial even in times of darkness but more-so strong and inspiring for their only daughter.

I can see a lot of myself in her, although there's really only one moment approaching zappy. The book moves episodically in a mostly-chronological progression. Character-expression and faces in particular are amazingly-done by Marjane Satrapi.

The visual style is gothic-styled but still expressively adorable. It does basically stop at rather sudden point but a 2nd book supposedly concludes the autobiographical account.
I didn't expect much going in and on the whole it was great discovery for me...the book clarifies and humanizes the Iranian but more-over it's a beautiful story of a little girl growing up...through rebellion, disenchantment, love, loss, and discovery. Highly recommended.

PS - The movie based on the book comes out Christmas Day!
Which means I'm finally, officially done with this book. This reading reaction asks just to lay out a couple of thoughts you have about the book and here it is

WARNING! English major work ahead! *hard turn!* )

And now to dinner and I'll poke my head into the next novel or some of the work in the online course...

The next work is Wuthering Heights, btw.



more details here...

At least I know if I do have to leave the country, I will survive.



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