You can read the whole series here...

Sandman finishes up with a bit of a whimper. One iteration of the Endless Dream is gone but another has taken his place. The book is mostly about remembering the past. Old gods like poor Bast who has no followers anymore (from which she gains her power) and has withered away. It's a transitioning of eras there's a real sense of change (as all through the volumes). "Everything changes and nothing is truly lost." It's a very reflective volume and a good ending to the series.

I recommend it to anyone and since I found it online, feel free to give it a try. It's a fantastic series.
My second zombie novel of the year. And I read it in an astounding (for me) two days.

Granted it was an action book of just 200 pages. But still!

Headshot! )

This was an interesting book but a lot of the ideas kinda fell flat for me. The characters were very pulpy. But it was a fun read and there was a gender-changing scene (physicist to hot blond) but he turned back. It was kinda in the "three wishes" mold...I liked the ending though...and I liked the early parts but the whole Gary-brains part was reminded me of 2nd Futurama movie. But I was able to read the entire book in an afternoon or so. So no biggie.

I liked it.

Concise review but I've already kinda talked about the gender-bending aspects of this novel. On the whole, this book was written by someone who sure seemed to have an awareness of D&D/Role Playing Games and video games and a good sense of the literary past.


Not as much as I hoped but it was definitely there. I could see it playing out as an enjoyable 13 episode series.

What I liked
+ Very well-played "man-in-woman" feeling. That said, in this story universe...having a particular gender isn't as big a deal as being stuck in one. And this one has that.
+ The first half of the book was really enjoyable.
+ The presentation of the world and the flashbacks definitely hits some of my favorite story feelings.
+ The narrator is nicely unreliable. There's a particular moment where we "shift perspective" which is a bit trippy.
+ The criticism of 21st century structures to society is quite captiving.
+ Librarians kick ass!

What I didn't
- We never really get a genuine confrontation with the "bad guys". And the climax is literally tied in a *skipping ahead* "We won...the end" kind of cut. It's in keeping with how memories of events are fragmented due to copies of people but it's not terribly satisfying (despite the appeal in subverting expectations).
- There's kind of a left turn in the end section. Again, in keeping, but it feels strange.
- We are left with baddies without much of a discernible motive for all this mind-editing aside from...destroying galactic civilization....after the course of a couple hundred of years? And I thought 25 years was a long time to wait on a plan...
- Sam is rather passive for what's revealed about his/her back-story. Just a personal note.
- There's one violent act which is kinda just left hanging there was a "uh...huh...?". Well, more than one but one in particular just feels strange.

On the whole - I liked the book. It's one of the few books I've seen to put a character who identifies as male into a female body for a good length of the novel...about 270 pages?...and have them have to deal with it in multi-faceted ways. It's a good book

Note - I was at 15 books on the year + 4 more Cromartie High mangas + Hourou Musuko, five volumes + Berserk (9 volumes) + this one.
(I like rhyming...)

It'll be 30 books worth of reading toward my goal for the year and before even the mid-point of the'll get me really close to 50.

Hourou Musuko - 5 volumes
Planetes - 3 volumes (already counted)
Cromartie High School - 5 volumes (gonna be 9 soon).
And then Berserk has around 30...

So that would be...38 plus 15...

Umm...just kidding! I know what that is...*uses the Windows calculator*

53. So yeah, I'd definitely be over 50 soon if I want to read through Berserk online.
All should know by now that I adore Planetes.

This volume had a lot of character moments which were fantastic. Especially, we have the culmination of the Ai's and Hachimaki's relationship in the cutest way.

There's a space kitty who Hachimaki sees when he communes with space. His Jupiter, 7 year journey buddy Sally (whose name I can't think of without associating it with Tidus now :-p) worries about him. His dad doesn't...and tries to give him porn. It turns out Hachi doesn't seen that...he's at peace with the universe. Not even Sally naked (which kinda went on a bit too long, I thought)...just puts him to sleep.

And we see Ai's life growing up. Personally, this was my favorite part. She doesn't speak until one particular moment. There's a cute bonus comic at the end...I'm bummed it doesn't show up online and I'm a little worried that I missed out on one due to the online version of the book ;_;. Oh well. It's a series well worth checking out. So much fun!

Next - Probably finish Planetes ^^V
Remember how crazy I said the first book was? It's still at that level.

Just add in baseball manga spoofing. TV shows. Aliens. Jet hijackings (the hijacker actually becomes a responsible student). Mini-Mechazawa. (Not so) Stunning Revelations! And lots of weird but good.

I hope to loan volume 6-12 through other libraries but we'll see...not as though I need to see them in order...
I remember this book. I read it once before but that was a while ago.

Cromartie! )
Gotta love those online mangas for reading through something quickly. This may be my last book for a little while till I manage to plow through some of my stuff for class. But here it is.

Akumas, Curses, and Cute Boys )
Big kudos and hugs to [ profile] groggypenguin for Manga Hut (which is kinda like One Manga but...) which has Planetes!

No more fear if the library has it or not! ^_^V

So here's Volume 2. You may follow along with you like with it online.

Travel to the Stars )
This book may have finally convinced me to go back to MangaTakeout for mangas.

Planetes 1 )
I'm going about experiencing The Hobbit in such a roundabout way :-p.

There and Back Again! )
This would've taken a lot less time but I really wanted to enjoy this particular volume. I already know that Hidamari Sketch was good, but was the 2nd one as good as the 1st?

Sitting in bed and reading )
I'm still actively working on time travel tale and a couple of other ideas, but I have some new things too. I'm trying to wrap my head around consonant sounds in time for the Jan 27th Test. I'll need to get through the other end of the lectures and pick up the pace a little too. But that's a later matter.

Firstly, I finished reading the book Firmin

Firmin, The literary rat )
First, I posted a cleaned up version of a free-writing exercise on DeviantArt. I gotta admit, DeviantArt is pretty awesome for posting text. I'm surprised. I considered trying a little bit of stuff on but DeviantArt has a pretty good system of showcasing the text compared to others.

That aside, here is my review of SS Astro #1

Come along on our ship. We have boy-boy and girl-girl love to spare! )
And more reading done. Hidamari Sketch!

Review )
Good pace for 2009. Of course, it is a graphic novel, but still.
*Editted for typos. Sorry, I jotted it down late at night before I sent the book off*

Review )



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