Finally, I have something which an artist friend (who wants to forgo credit for this) did for me. It's the last caption I did The Only Letter Home, but composed as an actual image of a letter.

Page 1 of the Letter
Page 2 of the Letter
Page 3 of the Letter
Page 4 of the Letter
Last Page of the Letter

(the picture in letter form)
Some, who read some of my older captions, may remember a caption I did a while ago about a GI's letter home to the woman he loves. This caption work is intended to be in the same story universe. I hope you enjoy. ^^ *bows*

The Only Letter Home )
major_kerina: (Thinking and Sitting)
This story took waaaaaay too long to write. It didn't quite go how I wanted but it's complete. I hope you all enjoy. One thing I'm really happy about is that I'm able to credit the artists this time. ^^

Flowing Water )

Here's my take on one of the captions ^^. Enjoy!

Sharing a Voice )

^_^ It's sentimental-like. Sorry for those who don't like that type but I enjoyed writing the characters.
I loved this idea but I couldn't find a caption to go with it, so I'll just put the script here ^^

(A mature woman with burgundy eyes and elongated ears sits on a desk wearing a slinky white dress and grins out at a crowd of students, all also with elongated ears)

Your assignment begins now and will follow through the holiday. I have placed a magical curse on each of you. For most of you, you look quite adorable. Cute little girls, young boys, and for those weakest students, why you’re downright angelic! Now those who have been keeping up on their spells and curses homework, or at least those who smartly copied off and/or betrayed a study-buddy at the right time, you might just have a bow in your hair.

You cutie guys who are now red-faced little gals…I expect you to either pass your curse off to some unknowing innocent but if you can’t manage that then I may have to step up things a little bit. I have sooo been looking for a lovely new Emberfall wardrobe. Do take me seriously. Remember our enrollment has been ‘reduced’ this past semester. Hehe.

For those with the weak curses, you’re on the top and you got there with hard work. You made deals, plotted, befriended, and backstabbed through our curriculum in a way which makes my eyes moist. But remember! It doesn’t matter how many corpses you leave behind, there will always be more you need to add to the pile. As soon as you let your guard down, someone will try to take the top from you. Don’t let them.

Everyone else, I hope you make it a good fight. I like being surprised to see some sissified, former-male weakling come back from break as a voluptuous mistress with an entourage of pets and toys groveling at her feet; it makes my job worth it. Farewell! Leave your last homework on the table on the way out…or there’ll be some lovely new statues in my garden…

EDIT - I made a caption with a picture too

It was Christmas so I don't have my A-game right now (worn out X_X) but it was fun to make this rather quickie caption.
These pens (the first one with four)

Pencils -- by Sanford
an HB
an 2H
an 2B
a kneaded gray eraser
and this

And a sketchbook...

Till I can's a caption

I began it as something of an homage to the opening bit of Ender's Game but I eventually let it go in different directions. I hope you enjoy. I like writing back and forth conversations.
"Oh I have a plan! I'll make a ton of captions before my procedure tomorrow for fun!"
*starts the first*
*gets tons of ideas stemming my very early online experiences and nature, college friends, and other issues... Stews them all in a pot...*
*realizes my caption is a long-ass one with a lot of technical issues*
*2 hours later*

Done X_X....

This story takes place in a living anime world which is created and expanded by the Artists. In this world, the Artists are special people who are able to create more of the world by giving of themselves. By giving, they are affected by a muse-like, feminine force which turns anyone who is an Artist, over time, into a woman, if they aren't already. The elders are retired Artists who make sure the quality of Art benefits the world. The elders outlaw Artistic skills which take from the Art of the world for the Artist's benefit. The landscape is all white, especially in blank spaces which Artists can create for the sake of containing elements of the Art of the world which are detrimental so they can work on them and repair them. So that's the background leading to the situation of two in the caption...



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