Kudos to Nerpin for inspiring this.

A protagionist is sent a special ray-gun device in the mail which, when aimed as inanimate objects turned them into living-anime-inspired beings with consciousness. He experiments with it a bit. So far I've thought about a feel rules so far as the operation of the device. But I'm curious as to what people think.

Rule 1 - If the device is aimed at an inanimate object smaller than the width of the beam, then it is turned to a living being which exists with the attributes of the object it originated from (I'm not sure if it'll entail a method like in Phantom Brave or Makai Kingdom where spirits are brought into existence through inanimate objects but that's kinda a point of reference for what I'm getting at). The beam's width can be changed but it is it limited to those items it can cover in the beam. It also has a limited range over which it can fire. If more than one item is covered by the beam, the item touched first by the beam will be the one changed. The maximum width depends on the energy level of the device (still undecided). The pattern of every item animated is saved.

Rule 2 - If the device is aimed at a living object (or animated object) then it will de-animate the object. In the case of animated inanimates, this 2nd shot will return the objects to their prior form. In the cases of objects that have always been living, the device will either change the being into the object the person holding the device is thinking about. These objects may include consumables, so the person firing the device must make sure not to let their mind wander. Once an object is imagined, it is held in device memory permanently. The device can only display one inanimate option at a time and has a significant catalog.

Rule 3 - If the device is aimed at a deanimated object (once living) then it automatically restores them if they were deanimated by the device and the form is still in memory. The device user may change the animated form of this person (ex - if the deanimated person used to be a tall man, he may become a small plant [certain living objects count as inanimates] and then he may be reanimated as a cute anime girl) based on who or what they are thinking about when they fire the device.

No names, no real further details. Just curious what you think. This is a post-Mecchen type project so probably some time in 2007 ish.

Well not really. Lyrics is more like it. But a song is sung in this upcoming chapter and I decided to go all out with making it. I remember enough Magical Girl shows to know the themes they express. The tune is rather upbeat and the **'s pertain to the refrain. I keep the refrain in it though because it varies slightly. I hope you all like it. 

In world of Mecchen - This is 'Today and Forever' sung by Nabenaka Kayo. It is the full version of the opening song to the first season of 'Pretty Yumeko Hime Galaxy' (Tara's favorite anime) )

And I can't wait to get it done and presented. I figured it out last night while laying in bed. It breaks down like this for character time

Character movement )

And now I must go to the doctor for the last time this week (excusing allergy shots). Be well, love to all. I'll put all my collected ideas down in words when I get back and I might even have something to post of chapter 6 by the end of the week.

Ideas Dump

Sep. 2nd, 2006 05:55 pm
I had two particular ideas I'd been floating in my head for a bit. I had to hurry on here and make sure they were preserved as they came out, stream-of-consciousness with all the details that occurred to me. The concepts are very open to further ideas and refinement and reactions. They're on the furthest back burner, for now.

two ideas to note )



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