Which I shouldn't have. American Anime is actually pretty decent sometimes. I noticed a show on DVD called Ben 10. It's a basic shounen show but it does some things I like. I doesn't dumb itself down. It has continuing storylines. And the art is actually rather interesting. I don't remember Batman back in the day but it feels like a decent contemporary. I still need to check out The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Codename: The Kids Next Door, and a couple of others. Still, I wish I could find a better fusion of those elements. It's part of why I wanted to write Mecchen. I wanted to get at anime motiffs without having to resort to a panty shot every five minutes. There's a couple things that throw me about American anime. The opening and closing songs are too peppy/pop-ish or weird to listen to. Yeah, I know Japanese anime has the same problem but at least it's in a foreign language so there's an air of intrigue. I have been told I should try Boondocks though. We'll see. But if I were to make an anime in America, it would go like this---

1 - A lot of dramatic conflict which wouldn't be resolved in a single episode
2 - There would not be a trace of tweener/valley girl talk.
3 - The art style would appeal to a wide variety of ages and be less of this "super happy American art style (actually done in Korea)" and more of the type with more painted-looking backgrounds, focus on character's eyes, and cuteness.
4 - It would have zappy.
5 - It wouldn't be afraid of its audience not understanding so there'll be deep themes related, usually not in verbose philosophical explorations, but in subtle, quiet ways.
6 - Characters would die but not for any old reason.
7 - It would have unique but not "hip" music.
8 - It would be full of little references which make rewinding and watching it again especially fun but can be completely enjoyed on a surface level.

There are a few things, but that's what important to me. If I were making a Mecchen Anime then I'd have to create a pillow of Katsumi so she can cushion me.
So much cleaning and etc. I plot to write so people will get two Mecchen Chapters by Christmas but we'll see what works. Till then...*nails up my stocking* *the house splits in half* ^^;;; Merry Christmastime

my xmas stocking )
Cards are nice but I have mismanaged sets of paper cards all over my room from years of relatives sending them. I like e-cards more, especially home made ones with anime girls and/or zappy. Yeah, pretty much get me zappy if you can. Drawn, editted, asked for, found or in the savory written form, are the best ^_^. Yup, for this Christmas all I'm asking Santa for is the chance to turn him into an anime girl.... I mean ^^;; the chance to make anime girls or see and feel them made cutely. <3

THANK YOU AI! ^_^ Your work inspires me so much. For this one I had this hazy recollection but more-likely-dream about a comic wherein Windows XP OS-tan (the OS personified as a girl) is pursued by a leecherous Otaku of the OS who wants to examine her "features". Well she absorbs and "edits" him into a cute girl with glasses and tells her

"You'll grow up to be as big as your oneechan some day!" - 'big' meaning...well...you know.

And it got sketched in end result! ^_^ *so happy* *bounces*

"You'll grow up to be as big as your oneechan some day!"

Yes ^_^ Intentional zappy! Yay!

And as dessert...a touch of cuteness

Separated at birth! @_@
Kittens (2006) 52 minutes - This Tues @_@

Perfect for cat lovers everywhere, this enchanting video features kittens frolicking, exploring and, of course, looking adorable. These engaging felines are sure to put a smile on your face as they romp together in an endearing (and lively) display of affection. Set to soothing music, Kittens will tug at your heartstrings and have you purring with delight as you enter the world of curious and cuddly kitties.

And hmm @_@ it seems Nina went to bed. No worries ^_^ (or could be spontaneous net/computer/power dying X_X). Either way, no worries. Only love. *hugs Nina tight* I'll see ya tomorrow sis! *mew*

Default ava right now -
 "Eek! I'm a kitty!" form here. I picked up a few of them.
The character is Jun Watarase from the forthcoming anime "Happiness!" another adapted Ero game without the Ero.

*shows a couple full images*
"My chest is so big...umm...heh..."
Neko full sized
"Doctor will see you now..."
Beach fan-service!
*saves for Halloween usage*

Oh and to May-chan ^^ - I know. That's why I find it ironic I'm so interested in this character. But then I was really into the Mahoraba character as well. We'll see how this one plays out for me. I love the hair color and the fact there's a lot of nekomimi intrigues me as well. ^_^ mew



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