This is it...the end of my classroom time and the end of my writing effort with Dida in one day. Here it is ^^.

Conclusion )
Almost there...

Getting to a part I've wanted to write for a while. )
LJ Cut )
I was going to say more but I'll just give what I've written and let that be it so far as commentary ^^

Where does our fungal friend go from here? )
On path for the conclusion...

Cut here )
*after long 'nap' after class* Here's more!

What is my future? )
I feel like I've come back to near the place I started. When I was early in writing, the first ripple in the story I imagined dealt with what this section finally unspooled. I felt it was coming all this time but I could never make it fit. Finally, I have a place for it.

What comes now? )
This is going to be a tough part to write with all the end of class stuff going on inside my head but I'm gonna give it my best shot. This part came really easily...which is good...

What don't I know? )
Well here it comes. For better or for worse, it all spirals out from here. ^_^

*hums* )
Despite how worn out and bleh I felt today over how the minimum day crazyiness went...I had a lot of fun writing this section. Hopefully things will unspoon before too long but I don't want to write it, especially when I'm not running on all cylinders with the culmination of the last week of class. I want to preserve the last real bit for a time when I can really appreciate writing it and enjoy it to its fullest. In all likelihood, the last reveal will occur in the next section...if not that, then the one 2nd to next. Hope you all enjoy.

Who is mother? )
I tend to have a lot of fun with the postings I do on Sunday. I was tempted to finally lay out the truth of things now but I decided to save it up for later. I can finally see the line leading from the ending line I envisioned nearly a month ago to where I am writing. Hopefully the way it plays out will be enjoyable.

What is real? )
Things are actually winding down even though I can't promise they'll end soon.
I do hope that the rest of it is really fun for everyone though ^^

What are we? )
Oh well, so much for it being 26 or 30 and out. I hope this new bit is enjoyed...

What does it mean to exist? )
For those in particular who asked that I continue, here's the next bit of Dida. I do acknowledge there are serious problems with the structure of Dida but I can learn from it. I'd like to make an alternate telling of the story some day. Perhaps with a character closer to my experience which keeps the reader closer to the experience. Also I've read notes about technology being more of a status item and I have ideas for how to integrate that more into the tale. This place I've imagined is a fertile place. I just need to find just the right story to tell in that place.

Here is the next )
Oh noes @_@...what's going to happen now???
Heh ^^. I know but you'll have to find out.

What does Kary know? )
We're in the home stretch. I still have plenty more than this planned but we're getting there.

A dream or something more? )
This is more about continuing themes and character issues than any stunning reveals. That's for a few more parts down the road. This is the first bit I wrote after returning to classes. My energy level isn't as high as it was before, I'm sad to say X_X. Still. I hope you all enjoy!

Who really made Dida? )
Today is the last day of my Spring Break. As a little gift to all the readers, I decided to give you all the gift of the twisted sort. I hope you enjoy it.

Where am I going? )
This part originally was going to end with a particular, forthcoming section (and challenge the biggest twist so far). But I decided that I would do it after I take care of the stuff I need to do for class on Monday. It would've made this posting really long. Also, as it stands, I may need a little more than 26 or 30 to get through all the stuff I want to in this little tale. We'll see. I'll play it by ear. It's a shame I couldn't get to the section I wanted to. But I'll save the brain-melting stuff for tomorrow then.

Who is Father? )
I have a couple of ideas to diverge from my original idea for an ending. It all depends on whether I want to be twisty/sneaky or if I just want to focus on the drama of characters. I wrote with both possibilities in mind, I may have to meet both results halfway. We'll see. It's been a fun ride.

Who is Aide Glossian? )



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