I loath this cough X_X. *Sucks on another cough drop*

Mom is home after I woke up early to go get her and we waited a long time by the nursing care place's lobby before the ride home showed up. Getting her into the bed wasn't so bad. I really want to get some extra help around the home after this week. It will be vitally needed.

+ Make sure the nurse comes enough so mom's catheter is changed.
+ A lady to clean and help us organize at least a day a week (preferably someone with a super vacuum like this mythic Filter Queen vacuum I keep hearing about being awesome).
...actually if someone can get all that then I think I can get myself the rest

Short-term, I'm gonna try to take a summer or a fall class.

I want to keep writing but I want to make it a career as well as a first choice.

I need to keep looking (I wish I could somehow get a dollar for each person who comes to my dA page from some ad thing but that's kinda beyond my skills and probably not possible).

^_^ But for now, something fun I wrote that is very personal and semi-auto-biographical.

 The Zappy Girl )

On the whole....it was still a cruddy day with my sickness.

Here's the day so far! )

Nice day today. I got my books from Amazon.

I can finally finish Sandman! The Kindly Ones volume looks huuuuge, so that's a good deal. Main problem - My bookshelves are quite past the point of saturation. Time for more bookshelves! That'll involve cleaning the spare room more and turning it back into the bedroom it was intended. That's definitely on my yearly plan next to making sure my fledging idea for a website happens.

Aside from volume 8 and 9 of Sandman, I received volume 2 of Hidamari Sketch. It'll be on my bed, sitting on my pillow. It's not quite a "so ronery" shrine but it's nice to have cuteness as one of the last things I see before I fall asleep.

And then, because part of me totally is Patchy, I went to the library for more books. 

But, this time, stuff I needed (mostly). Two books on my author for the Wed class and one on phonetics which is organized by letter. And then I got a 3000 page book of American Literature from the Colonial Period to the Romance Period. And I just got it cause I saw it :-p. No other reason than that.  

I added 3 more disks of Twelve Kingdoms to my queue and I did a little more phonetics reading. Other than that...I was curious about the plane that ditched in the Hudson River.

It was fricking cool! I'm a side nerd about plane disasters. And I know how F-ing hard it is to ditch a plane in water. It never works quite how you wish. There's so many variables. Especially when the plane is in trouble anyway. I cannot remember a single incident when a plane of this size has ditched perfectly without damage or death. Then again, I was wondering how they said the river was slushy. That probably helped keep it afloat. As I said, really fricking cool. Now that's a plane crash I can really enjoy.  And a pilot to appreciate.

After my allergy shot today, I got supper at the mall for everything and while there, I picked up a 2009 day calender. One in particular caught my eye....Lio ....vampires, ghosts, and undead bunnies <3.

I've been reading Firmin (the literary rat novel). It's hard to dislike it. But it sometimes tries too hard. But there are moments apart from all the gushing of literature and clever little verbage...when you see the same little love of books that you can connect with and universal human fear and weakeness. But it's still weird to see a rat who wants to kiss Ginger Rogers...

Yes, I remember. I have an android loli in a box project, a slave cat, worker at the complaints department of a zappy products store, and various other creative projects in mind (including game and novel rewrite). Why I have I not posted them? Well life tends to really get in the way sometimes. I'll relate the events of the day now and my dreams this morning later because I enjoyed the dreams more than I enjoyed today.

Which go like... )
My master teacher is a really awesome lady who really loves English and is really receptive to my "OMG! I'M NOT SURE WHAT TO DO!" situation. *glad*

Still, if I totally mess this up I can try substitute teaching (if I do well I can still do it for more money).

Oh...the good news.

The next Mecchen Chapter is written. There's no chance that the final chapter and epilogue will be done before I start student teaching BUT...I promise to still peck away at them and do what I can....and I WILL COMPLETE THIS BOOK! Promise ^^
I'm a happy pretty anime girl with tons of snuggle and fun to give around!!!

Okay...nevermind heh...the anime girls didn't actually get me.
I had a fun day today. I had a lot of ideas from Nina's little story about...Nina. And she healed a health problem for me as well. Potent story.

I went out around 3 and got my shot. Then I went to a Japanese market I finally found that actually had Japanese stuff. Unfortunately my choices her miss mostly...

Squid Jerky (with MSG X_X)
Gum from Japan

I tried the health-food store. Got my mom some sugar-free stuff. No good teas.

Costco = <3 They had fresh sushi and a lot of nice samples

I got my Friday-regular Pad Thai and found a new cafe in Lancaster. With live music, computers to rent and healthy meals. Fun.

Still need to watch 7-10 Lucky Star.

I have some great ideas for "you-know-who" in Mecchen ^^

Soft FTW!

Mar. 29th, 2007 08:03 pm
I had a lot of stuff to do today. Appointment with a professor for something vital at 1 pm

I was done at 1:17

It was amazed. It was like the planets alligned or something. Everything was working out. The drive back was fine and the biggest thing in my mind was "soft and calm". It's like it carried me the whole way and I got back early too. I got stuff from an anime store - The Strawberry Marshmellow girls (two figures) and some Ramune, two types of chocolate. Then we had celebratory Olive Garden a bit late after everything worked out. I also found the Tai Chi place not too far from where I live ^_^ A very nice day. I wish everyone a today and tomorrow even better than this one. ^_^
I had a rather interesting day.
How interesting? Well, just you see... )
I had a big family thingie on Sunday then some friends I hadn't seen in a while (English Major types) came over to play Apples to Apples (a really screwy verb to noun matching game, especially if you have some really twisted minds involved - we did). I was tired and just took a little nap afterwards and I conked out till late at night and at that point I just slept through it. I feel kinda off my cycle of consciousness but I hope to get back on it soon. ^_^ Love you all!

New things

Dec. 4th, 2006 01:23 pm
I'm figuring it might be better to just sleep a lot now and stay awake for my mom's surgery, which we leave for at 6:30 am or so. Only thing is she's throwing up a bit right now. Anxiety or a stomach bug? Dunno. I also flipped around a good deal of my icons because, while cute, Yuki didn't get much use.

And I still have some stuff to take care of. But I wanted to brush against Nina cutie and everyone else with a message of much love and zappy *ZAPS* ^^ I'll be back when all this hecticness is finished, nyao ^^ *waves paw* love you all and see you soon



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