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Feb. 28th, 2009 02:20 am
Yeah! I...well..I just finished some grammar quiz stuff. But I wrote a bit for the gift story. So it's a good night. Let's see where my list is...

new list for me )
I need to update this later.

+ Do the "Dog and Girl" image description in full (along with "Bug Army", "Flower-Shooting Transformer Apocalypse of Joy", "Guardian Angel", "Reluctant Superhero Experiment Guinea Pig" and "The Speculum Monster"
+ Script out three stories in particular for more - "Complaints", "The Snake's Embrace", and "Magical Transformation Academy".

Fun Stuff
+ Read when I can.
+ Maybe watch "W.", "The Man Who Came Back", and "Eagle Eyes".
+ Check out some music references from the LJs of friends
+ Play Tales of Symphonia to the point I at least meet Kratos (or did I?...either way...I need to play more)
+ Finish the books I have borrowed (Sandman finale, Charles Schultz bio, Dark Tower books, Massive English Major-type Book, Case Closed 1, and To Write Like a Woman (Feminism and Sci-Fi)
+ Play the games I have borrowed too (PSP - Lego Star Wars Original Series) and (DS - Master of Dungeon Lair).

Life Stuff
+ Debug (literally) the pantry, looking especially for flour which may be hiding larvae X_X.
+ Ask the allergy doctor if my tight throat due to the dust tonight is a problem (shot tomorrow).
+ Sift through my older clothes for stuff I want to wear or give away.
+ Clean a lot in general.
+ Watch my computer fan for problems (it was noisy after the roof repairs) and maybe blow out my computer case.
+ Eventually get back into running regularly.

Class Stuff
+ Start on the Lectures in a few days to see how the pacing is.
+ Check for new textbooks posted on http://www.whywaitforbooks.com/.

- Make backdated recap episodes by week and then link them to a new one (by Saturday, maybe).
- Edit the rest of "The Snake's Embrace" for DeviantArt.
- Study...study...study till my eyes bleed and get better than a C on this test.
- Buy more yogurt
- Call someone about patching the gravel roof over this room before the Epic Floods/Snow come (East Coast...this is your three-five days from now X_X) (will be here Tues)
- Finish "The Twelve Kingdoms" (and watch Kung-Fu Panda and Blindness)
- Watch Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (mostly for the Penguin Four).
- Maybe watch "W.", "The Man Who Came Back", and "Eagle Eyes".
- Check out some music references from the LJs of friends
- Do the "Dog and Girl" image description in full (along with "Bug Army", "Flower-Shooting Transformer Apocalypse of Joy", "Guardian Angel", "Reluctant Superhero Experiment Guinea Pig" and "The Speculum Monster" *shudders*.
- Do more prep work on the "Magical Transformation Academy" (working name).
- Play Tales of Symphonia to the point I at least meet Kratos (or did I?...either way...I need to play more)
- Read when I can.
- Eventually get back into running regularly.
- SLEEP (when the time is right).
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Anime-loving, bright, creative, determined, easygoing, friendly, glasses-clad, humble, itchy, jokey, kindly, loopy, motherly, naive, optimistic, playful, quixotic, readerly, shy, thankful, unknown, (blank on 'v'), writerly, (blank on 'x'), yawny, ZAPPY.
1 - Despite how much I like chocolate, I've always loved vanilla so much more.
2 - I always used to love hiding in over-sized coats as a little girl. I would pull the hood up over my head. I would surround my entire body as much as possible. It's why I always loved cold weather. I could wear the heavy coats. It feels like a cape or a cloak. Even right now, I have the biggest coat on my shoulders (mostly for warmth). But back then, I'd love to seal it all up and go breathing like Darth Vader or an astronaut.
3 - I always feel most comfortable in school and in friendships with friend groups of three. In such groups, there will invariably be a boisterous friend in the trio and a shy one. This followed through all of my schooling. I always tend feel most comfortably writing friend combinations in threes. Less than that and it feels lonely. Any more than that and it feels crowded.
4 - I will always try to name a computer "Fred". I do that because I had a betta fish "Fred", who was named for a hamster who I was allowed to take home in fourth grade...after the hamster I had waited almost the entire school year in to take home...had died moments before he was supposed to go home with me. I had before named a stuffed bunny "Fred", after a mountain I had drawn as a kid with an entire story around it. My "boy-friend" in kindergarden was named "Fred" (we played not 'house' but "re-enact 'Back to the Future' with stuffed animals").
5 - My favorite color is purple (duh) but I like the combination of blue, silver, and black for clothes (with some mix-ins but almost always one or two of those three present).
6 - I have a collection of *estimates* between over seven-hundred to near a thousand books (not counting the occasional magazines, journals, and short-story publications I like to keep). I try to keep them alphabetized when on shelves.
I figured I'd finally finish this one off. I did add one movie to the list since I originally composed this. I was tempted to reserve a spot for The Dark Knight but I still need to see it and make a judgment on whether I'd want to watch it more than once.

The conclusion! )
This one may take a while since a good deal of my movie choices for entertainment all alone on an island are clustered near this end of the alphabet. I considered some films I haven't read or works which I've seen some of but which are too long to have seen previously, but that would be a different category. Like "things to finish before I die". For now, here's the next segment of films.

More films! )
I'm gonna do some more of this because I have the photos set and everything. I'd like to do more of the travel log from Carpinteria to Buellton but I'm playing it cautious browsing for images because that was around the time that things turned bad for my computer.

Side question - is there a browser or browser option which allows you to grab the link to an image without actually needing to go to the site the image came from?

With that, here comes the some more of my "watch all day on a desert island and still have fun" movies list...

There are 11 this time... )

Cursed couple of lyrics to "Wakko's America (State Capitals set to 'Chicken in the Straw')" that get stuck in my head. I'm gonna use today for trying to tentatively start up a couple of my series of things which I enjoy. I'm still cautious because I worry that jumping around all sorts of sites looking for images for my movies series may have been that which put me at risk for the system issues from before. So I'm gonna try to limit my delving into the lowest searches for something random and try to get more credible sites from now on.

With that little message done, on with my next couple of picks for movies that I feel I could just keep watching over and over and still enjoy.

cut here )

Top anything lists tend to be flawed, so I'm just going to talk about the works that have captivated me. This time, films.  

But, I'm going to add an extra element. Those films I pick will be those I consider to have incredible replay value so that even if they come up on TV or you see them on DVD or a Youtube clip for the nth-time, then they still have entertainment value. I know a lot of really great films I enjoy but this particular quality allowed me to pare down my list a little to something more manageable. This isn't to say the ones I cut weren't as enjoyable but they just didn't have that particular quality of being ones that say... I wouldn't mind being left with on a desserted island (with hot fudge and sprinkles) and a solar-powered TV/DVD player (and hopefully some other necessities).  

Films (in alphabetical order) )

To do list

May. 18th, 2006 08:38 pm
I think I'll actually keep this and just cross out stuff
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