Here it is. Long in coming, finally written. The first draft of the end of Mecchen House 1. I might post the aforementioned prologue to book 2 eventually but in the long term, this chapter and epilogue is the last regular Mecchen House story additions there will be for a while. I need to focus on the next draft fixing all the little problems and continuity issues that come with writing for over 500 days with a ton of distractions interceding. Hope you enjoy this. It's been an amazing ride and a growing experience. Thank you!

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I've been waiting over a year to write this chapter. And, as per my personality, I feel it's not perfect. But it's amazing to just see so many visions and discoveries I've been holding onto for months and months find their way into text and actually exist. I hope you enjoy this chapter. It was thrill and revelation for me to write. With classes and uncertainty on the horizon, I don't know when the last bit will be written, most likely I'll try to peck at the last chapter and the epilogue on weekends when I have time. The chapter will be longer because it'll be deal with tying up character arcs. The epilogue will be brief and take place a week after the novel started. And that'll be it. *giddy* ^^ So close!

Till human voices wake us and we drown )
*whomp* X_X It is posted. I'm finally at the point I wanted to get for so long. It's exhilarating and tense because all the strands need to remembered and drawn together in the picture of it all which I've had in mind from the beginning. It's quite satisfying but also terrifying as well.

Little pieces everywhere... )

And here's the next bit to read ^_^

It rubs the lotion on its skin )

Here it is! The next chapter. I'm so psyched about the ending after this chapter! I know I can do it! It's gonna be so awesome. Everything I'd been planning for a year will finally become reality! ^_^
EDIT - I made small, fine-tuning after posting right before "I let go." in an early part.

Mecchen House - click here )

I wound up with around 19,400 or so. I trimmed just a little out, stuff I felt was redundant or didn't work well when reading it back over. Also I had a few odd, half-sentences I apparently didn't delete when I made some changes. Those are corrected. Oh btw, about the chapter title - the space in "Mecchen" is not a typo. I meant to do that.

A lot of text in this post... )

I really took a good while on this chapter. Apologies there. But I'm hopeful with this next one because it has a much clearer structure in my mind leading along into the ending. Hope you enjoy this chapter though! ^_^

Ami! In the garden! With the chocolate pipe! )

It actually wound up with a lot fewer changes than I originally expected. I'm not gonna say much about this chapter, except to ask - who do you think is trustworthy?
That's all. Enjoy!

Here it comes )

Here we are on the latest chapter. I have some really great ideas for repercussions in the next chapter. We're heading towards the last third of the story ^_^ *cheers* Hope you like it!

Bloomin' great! )

I was a little concerned this chapter and edit went so fast but I'd like think this one really did well with two key character relationships. I really think we're heading for the home stretch. Hope you all enjoy!

The fourteenth Chapter )

I wound up really taking a lot of stuff out of this chapter to keep the continuity righ. But I'm glad (thought this is a pretty laid-back chapter) that this one has some really nice moment and I think it really gives certain characters like Katsumi and Mami a fair shake. I hope you all enjoy it. The 2nd part will follow in just a minute.

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