I am stunned I managed to get both done but these two story universes are so lived in for me that I just loved making these tales <3.

Halloween at Mecchen House )

A Halloween with Complaints )

^_^ Enjoy and have an awesome Halloween! *flies off with a flutter of my wings*
One last part. What I posted previously was the first part of the 2nd book's prologue. This is the other part of it. Well, part of that part. I wrote it as something of a promise that I will keep writing whenever I can, by leaving the rest of it for another time.

I hope you enjoy what I have so far ^^. Hopefully readers of Mecchen House will recognize and understand the name Damon.

Here's the tidbit )
Works - I was clearing out the front hallway of gunk and junk and old coats and prepping turkey.
Later - I went to Kinkos and had 228 pages (double-sized) printed to comprise Mecchen for the sake of editing it. It's something else to see a work you made and a biggie one at that, sitting there as a physical thing in your lap. Huge. Then I got groceries and supper but I also went to Barnes and Noble with an old gift card and picked out three donation cards to give books to. I picked a---

12 year old girl
7 year old girl
12 year old boy

My first thought was to get zappy books for them but I didn't know any which were both cheap and could be found in the young adult section so I went with these...

For the 12 year old girl - All You Need to Know About Zappy (The Golden Compass actually. I was kinda going for books with a lot of fun reading involved)

For the 7 year old girl - A Young Girl's Guide to Turning Smelly Boys Into Cute Girls (Matilda actually, which all the people working there kept gushing about)

For the 12 year old boy - How Young Boys Should Dress For the Coming Gender-Takeover (actually, Summerland which sounds vaguely zappy with shapeshifters and such)

So there you go, my donation effort/effort to corrupt the youth with strange stories and imagination.

I thought I lost this idea post for images in each Mecchen House chapter. But no! It lives! *saves the text. I shall also edit this post for ideas for the images in 16 through epilogue.

*Edits to Follow*
Posting of the Last Parts of the Mecchen House will be by week's end and then I intend to take my flash drive over to a copy place and get the best price on printing it so I can physically read and edit the work so I can see how it would look on the page.

But beyond this work we have a few things I can tease you with...

- The bishi of note who will be joining the cast (he may well remain of the male gender too!!!)

As I imagine it, Book 2 has a two-part prologue.
- The first part of that prologue will be a "shocking" snapshot of the early life of Hitomi's "other teacher", as mentioned briefly before (she gets a name in this last chapter).
- The larger part will involve a flashback/recollection of Nana's time before she met Hitomi and what happened when leading up to it and afterwards.
- The book will then follow with Kelly/Arisu's narrative voice leading the story and within each chapter, other characters will branch off Kelly to tell their story. Their story may continue across chapters though.

This idea is ambitious, especially for me, so it will require a massive amount of planning of the arc of the whole book. I know general arcs and answers but I need to give solid terms and paths. If I am successful, Book 2 will be massively more colorful and complex in characters and presentation but, hopefully, much easier to follow than anything I have yet written.
Mecchen House 1 - Foundational Writing Time
June 19th, 2006 to November 9th, 2007 (I still need to edit the last chapter and epilogue but expect both soon)

(all numbers subject to change with editing and new drafts BUT..)
453 pages...(in MS Word)
253,672 words
1.3 million+ total characters typed out to form those words.
Over 8,000 paragraphs made.
20,650 lines of writing.

Just Part One created ^^...

Truly. I already have ideas for how the Nuhaizi people will work into later developments. And I plan to always keep challenging myself. The 2nd book has perspective planning and character stuff which I have no idea how I'm going to do now but I feel psyched to do it because I know if I keep at it, I can tell this entire story within me.

So sorry for the delay for this part and my future apologies that this may well be the last new Mecchen for a little while. I'll focus on the 2.0 draft now that there is a 1.0. I'll keep nurturing my ideas for the future of the story (bishonen fans will hopefully really dig a new character I have in mind for the Nuhaizi arcs).

For now (before I go ahead with editing), I need to just sit back and let myself absorb all this. And thank you all so much for reading and reacting to my creation. It has been an honor to write. I hope it won't be long before I am able to present the next volume.

PS - Now I just need to sent all my notes and files in a time machine to June 19th, 2006 so I can have the complete novel back then and be way ahead for time!...and maybe send my mind back too. And a note jotted down about when a record lottery comes up and what numbers won...


Sep. 7th, 2007 10:28 pm
X_X School is no place for a mighty (lousy) bladder!

My master (mistress) teacher is a tiny lady who's so super small for being like 40+ and full of energy (*grumbles*)...I thought teaching was supposed to eat at your soul till there nothing left or something?

Oh well, I get my stuff together better tomorrow. Then Monday...into the breach. The class and teaching stuff doesn't worry (it does worry me though) me as much as the class documentation portfolio crap which will be itemized on Monday.

Monday Shitty Monday...

Oh well, life will go on even in my new Mecchen writing seems kinda on the flat side.

400 words on the new chapter.
I've been waiting over a year to write this chapter. And, as per my personality, I feel it's not perfect. But it's amazing to just see so many visions and discoveries I've been holding onto for months and months find their way into text and actually exist. I hope you enjoy this chapter. It was thrill and revelation for me to write. With classes and uncertainty on the horizon, I don't know when the last bit will be written, most likely I'll try to peck at the last chapter and the epilogue on weekends when I have time. The chapter will be longer because it'll be deal with tying up character arcs. The epilogue will be brief and take place a week after the novel started. And that'll be it. *giddy* ^^ So close!

Till human voices wake us and we drown )
I've had an issue thus far about Mecchen House...nothing to do with making it...but rather...talking about it to people (friends, family, others who are curious)

Succinctly describing it to those who aren't really sure what anime is or zappy. Putting it in terms that any person can relate to why this is an interesting story. I've always had a problem with talking about my writing even though I have confidence in its quality. I need something which I can express which gets across my excitement.

Any ideas for a succinct description..."here's what it's about" assessment of Mecchen House? At least from the chapters you've read?

I'll be on later, just wanted to put this up. I'll get my hair cleaned up and do some nicer-clothes laundry so I have something for Friday when I check out the classroom and then next week when I jump into the depths.
My master teacher is a really awesome lady who really loves English and is really receptive to my "OMG! I'M NOT SURE WHAT TO DO!" situation. *glad*

Still, if I totally mess this up I can try substitute teaching (if I do well I can still do it for more money).

Oh...the good news.

The next Mecchen Chapter is written. There's no chance that the final chapter and epilogue will be done before I start student teaching BUT...I promise to still peck away at them and do what I can....and I WILL COMPLETE THIS BOOK! Promise ^^
*whomp* X_X It is posted. I'm finally at the point I wanted to get for so long. It's exhilarating and tense because all the strands need to remembered and drawn together in the picture of it all which I've had in mind from the beginning. It's quite satisfying but also terrifying as well.

Little pieces everywhere... )
As with so many other Mecchen chapters recently, I think this one is a complete plop. But as I read back a bit, that opinion should improve and I'll whip the narrative into shape so that the climax will flow more naturally. Mostly I feel like I left out environmental details a lot to deal with character stuff...but then that was my intended focus. Maybe it's just a symptom of how unnerved the unraveling of Mecchen and Ogawa makes me feel. Things will never be the same but this uncertain, worrisome time will pass. Thank you for reading. I'll have the chapter out for everyone to read soon ^_^
I watched some Lucky Star ^^ yum

That helps with my anime-feeling battery.

Thanks for reading the latest chapter and thanks for the notes on errors/issues I didn't see when speeding through it originally to get it out ^_^

I hope to start work on 21 tonight once I set up my map for the chapter. It'll be a lot shorter...although I said that about 20. I'm intention is that 21 and 22 will be less combined than 20 but both still quite important. 22 will lead right into the climax in 23. 23 will be massive in importance but it remains to be seen how long it will actually be. It'll be focused chapter. 24 will be more about 'after-effects'. After reading 20, you can probably figure what my provisional title for 23 - "The Storm" implies.

My guesses
21 - 7 to 8 thousand words
22 - 6 to 7 thousand words
23 - 8 thousand ish words (depending on how long it takes)
24 - 10 thousand words
epilogue - 6 thousand words

Sooo...we have around 40,000 words left (minimum) ^_^V

And here's the next bit to read ^_^

It rubs the lotion on its skin )



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