I know very little about Wonder Woman.

But I enjoyed this DVD iteration of the character's mythology.

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Feb. 14th, 2009 09:15 pm
I was glad to get that last post out. If nothing else, I'll keep it as a reminder for when I need to remember what I love about creativity.

Soon after I finished it, my head started pounding and I was sore in certain places and vaguely nauseous and definitely not feeling like eating (I didn't have a whole lot for lunch or dinner). I know what it is but it's usually not quite as rough as this most times. Telling by the last week and feeling definitely out of sorts for it, I'm getting to the end of the most painful of what I usually have.

This is definitely a point at which I wish I was any type of anime being which didn't have biological cycles...

But, I have to give great thanks to two movies for lifting my spirits.

Madagascar 2 - Penguin humor heals. The rest was decent and not super-predictable but I was watching for the penguins.
Kung Fu Panda - Just what I wanted! <3 I really felt a connection with this film. It brought my mood up too with little bits of dialogue I took something away from for self-improvement.
- Like not quiting despite how clobbered you feel/are (and Po the Panda does get clobbered).
- Keeping a sincere heart (the Panda sure has that despite the fact he's a Kung Fu nerd who doesn't quite have this "I am smooth and cool" thing down...despite how hard he tries).
- There are no accidents, everything that seems like a mistake or a loss in also an opportunity.
- And that belief in your special qualities gives you the power to realize them to the fullest (I love how Po's weaknesses become strengths by the end).
- The voice actors were all also so great. But I wish we'd seen more of the lady snake warrior though.
I liked it. Particularly the very end before the credits.

I would've liked more out of the villains so far as an arc or reasoning or something but Robert Downey Jr. was darn good.
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I'm sure there are plenty of Japanese novels (with beautiful adaptations) which speak about the courage, honor, and spirit of Japanese peasants in the face of overwhelming adversity.

This is clearly not one of them.

Unpleasant imagery to follow )
My beach-going Matsuri-chan figure lost her meganekko glasses ;_; (they were so tiny...I hope I didn't vacuum them up).

On a more serious note...I really recommend the film "Heavy Metal in Baghdad". Great film about the country and covering the only real heavy metal band in that country (now ex-pats) and their struggles to even play and express their love of heavy metal. Easily one of the most surprisingly-good documentaries I've seen in a while. The music is really good (a special compliment since I'm not too big on heavy metal) and the dedication of the band is truly impressive. I'm looking for a way to really show the documentary online but it's also on DVD, fairly easy to get.

Here's some information on the group


Movie Today

Jun. 8th, 2008 08:51 pm
I saw a movie today and have some reactions on it... (My own personal perspective on the film)

Transtasia )
I saw Tokyo Story last night...

First off to all the wild film cultists who will scream how perfect it is in all of cinema. It's a good Japanese slice-of-life drama which captures its period well and accurately tells you what the deal is with Japanese social interactions and behavior.

To an outsider the "apologetic politeness" and smiling verges on strange. What's more interesting is how the children of the elderly couple talk when their parents are out of sight. It's a life-styled drama which, while a little visually-dated, does the great job of showing the Japanese social fabric and how it can become frayed. It is very torpidly plotted. But it serves it well. There's a little Post-WW2 PR about how rebuilt Tokyo is which feels a bit wedged in but on the whole, it's a very interesting film for anyone with an interest in Japan. It's a Criterion set so the commentary and Japan-based info is immense with this release. I only watched a little and I was inundated. I still think the early 50's war films have more to say. But this film is a quiet and nice little picture.

Again, it is not the best film ever made. It's one of the more effective slice-of-life dramas from Japan (I think Whispers of the Heart is better though but it's anime it's in a different catagory).

The weirdest thing is how the characters talk to the camera and the camera is very still with almost no closeups. There's a lot of background setups and the camera will linger in a room even after the characters have left. It's strange. It puts you in the scene at times vividly and then leaves you like a voyeur. All interesting techniques.
The film, The Taste of Tea came out recently from Viz Films. Interesting, very memorable film.

Zappy notes first - It had a cute crossdressing scene with a boy trying to trick another kid that he's a girl but he gets disappointed when he's unsuccessful. He also gets leg-smoothness advice from his friends. His mom approves of this too and encourages his dressing. It was a short character sequence. I wish there was more to this little arc.

On the whole, the film is a strange but effective creation. Imagine Little Miss Sunshine, only more of a slice of life...now imagine it takes heavy hallucinogens. The little girl imagines a giant her is watching her all the time and only way to get rid of her is to do a complete flip on a horizontal bar.

Cosplay people face off against Yakuza. There's a school love story somewhere in there too. The mother is an anime freelancer trying to make her first feature. Her model is her dad, the eccentric grandfather who sings and poses a lot and used to be an animator like his daughter. Her final product is...umm..well it's in keeping with the nature of the movie. I can't believe she's the one who made it @_@.

The dad is a hypnotist who not only hypnotizes his family, but also the movie's narrator!

The uncle has his own issues (and is played by the creator of Evangelion)...from taking a shit on a giant 'egg' when he was a kid and being haunted because of it...to messing with a married co-worker. There's a fight sequence which is easily the funniest fight I've ever seen. Imagine a dainty woman with a tiny voice providing a major butt-kicking. ^^

There's a "mountain" song...I won't say more.

The movie runs a bit long but considering it is the only Japanese movie I've seen which absolutely NAILS the ending, compared with so many wonderful Japanese films which stumble in the last moments, I just gotta say this is easily the greatest Japanese comedy I have ever seen. See it.
I never bothered to buy the book but I'm glad someone put together the list.

Most of these seem just "historically-relevant" film like entries but I was curious how many I wound up on my list (I figure not a lot but we'll see)


Much easier than posting them all *counts*

172 of 1012 on that list...
Well, there's a lot of early films, most in the public domain (I think).
Garfield was bad...this is un..un...it just...*shakes head*

Video cut )

At least until the money from the first five runs out....


Seriously...hasn't Shrek's "Origin" story already been done in The Grinch [Live-Action one *shudders*]?

Yay...more babies...

After that movie thing, I wanted to sift the top things I've seen and put them all in one place. This list is not comprehensive but just as my notes tell me... (top anime series and films included but are limited to those ONLY AVAILABLE ON DVD [yeah, I cheated kinda with Haruhi])

moooovies! )
I love your art and your games but please don't get my hopes up with movies titled...

"Woman Is the Future of Man"

Oh how I wish there was more to that title but it's really just a romance piece. Shame *imagines the possibilities*.
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Mar. 28th, 2006 04:23 am
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It's not often you see an anime open with a country song by Olivia Newton-John. The style was nice, creative, another instance of a strong, maiden character in a Ghibli film, the only exception is...Porco Rosso...which Hayao Miyazaki has said is something of fictionalized biograph and the male character becomes a pig (Same with Chihiro's parents). I think it's pretty clear Miyazaki is pro-feminist. Also there are real sky, flying, floating themes in Ghibli films. Sure they're not all Miyazaki works but they sure do seem oddly linked together. I'd love to see the Nausicaa manga though.

Themes in Miyazaki Films I've Seen

1 - Flight/Flying creatures/machines
2 - Castles
3 - Strong Girls in Magic/Special Places that Have Special Abilities (or the resilience against adversity)
4 - Complex and often sympathetic motivations to villains (or a change of heart)

Those are the prevalent ones that occur to me...

Not really coming to a point...

I got a *cough* at the *cough* shop (*cue embarrassed Jody*). I think it's really embarrassing going into the *cough* shop for...toys...no matter your gender. Fortunately there was another girl at the counter so I wasn't quite as embarrassed. I don't know why I got it...I'm having a bladder operation/check on Friday so I'm probably not going to be able to do anything with it still at least next week depending on how I feel.

Also a tidbit that may not be of interest to most...for those who know about/watch the tv show "24"...is there anyone worth mentioning left alive in this show? Hasn't it essentially become "Get as far away from Jack Bauer as humanly possible because he is the freakin' angel of death!"?

Seriously, I gotta admitt as a writer it's kinda rare to see a show so vigorous to kill main characters...any work really. It's rare you see it. There's two regulars dead in the opener. Then just a bunch of bad-guys and NPCs...I mean civilians. Then three in quick succession. There's really very few people left to speak of. Oh yeah, they did kill half the people that worked in the building too...

Ok, moving past that, I'm feeling pretty good, no major things I feel like watching/playing right now. Bladder scope surgery on my mind. Been writing a little. Had an idea for a Katamari Damacy fan fiction thanks to Nina...it's zappy too. Ummm...that's all I got for tonight. Just pondering a couple of things, like when I'm actually gonna pick up my DS again. It's not so much I dislike games or I'm not interested in playing, it's just I feel more of a desire at this point to share myself with friends and create cute things. Also I'm interested in meditation and self-hypnosis. For purely zappy-reasons. As with most of my motivations.

I'm considering leaving a last message in the very rare chance something happens to me with surgery or more likely anesthesia. I won't make a big deal of it but I do want to leave something just in case. I'm gonna chew it over and probably leave it on Thursday night since my surgery is on Friday. Just a message of love, appreciation and whatever occurs to me. I really think/hope I'll be fine, I mean after all I've got a *cough* that needs to be used.

Love you all, later



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