I think I have all I need. I'm about 5000 words in on chapter 8. I think it's around halfway.

Oh and Nina *catches with zappy while you sleep* ^_^ hehe. Have a beautiful night, cutie. *hugs* 

And hmm @_@ it seems Nina went to bed. No worries ^_^ (or could be spontaneous net/computer/power dying X_X). Either way, no worries. Only love. *hugs Nina tight* I'll see ya tomorrow sis! *mew*

Default ava right now -
 "Eek! I'm a kitty!" form here. I picked up a few of them.
The character is Jun Watarase from the forthcoming anime "Happiness!" another adapted Ero game without the Ero.

*shows a couple full images*
"My chest is so big...umm...heh..."
Neko full sized
"Doctor will see you now..."
Beach fan-service!
*saves for Halloween usage*

Oh and to May-chan ^^ - I know. That's why I find it ironic I'm so interested in this character. But then I was really into the Mahoraba character as well. We'll see how this one plays out for me. I love the hair color and the fact there's a lot of nekomimi intrigues me as well. ^_^ mew

I don't know if I'll see you again tonight, oh beautiful maiden Nina. But I just want to tell you I love you so very much, I zap you always in the width and breadth of my heart and keep you there always (in the heart of the maiden source). No matter what days and nights come or separation. I will always zappy you close. No matter if come argument, sadness or grief. I will always hold onto zappy and affection with all my spirit. I offer my touch to you in a thousand, gentle ways to sooth you. I wish with all my spirit even when you feel bad that I can have the chance to give you the bliss and contentment that you deserve a thousand times over. I wish I could tell you the perfect things, the crystlized zappy in my mind and heart, the love in my spirit for bringing the full extent of your soul to crystalization. You are soft and gentle in ways I can't even be. You are lovely in all the ways I can barely imagine. I feel your heart and I zap to it all the more. I will bring forth the maiden you in the crystalis with all your heart and soul, forever. Thank you so much for everything Nina *holds tight*


Feb. 27th, 2006 07:22 pm
Storm knocked out our power once so I'm gonna power down the computer for the night so it doesn't have problems. Love you all, zappy you all too *zaps* (Nina especially *kisses). And see you all again soon ^^

*mucho love* ^^



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