Here's the first part of what I have planned. It's a much shorter and direct side story which ties into the story of Snake's Embrace. I hope you enjoy it. I easily have not had more fun writing anything in a long time as I did writing what I've written so far ^^

story!! )
Sorry for taking so long with this. Here ^^

story follows )
Here's the next section I've been working on for the last few days. It was tough but since the realization that I needed to really needed to write for the fun of it and not to make a daily quota, things have really gotta a lot better in actually writing this. ^^ I hope you enjoy.

oops...forgot the cut at first ^^;; )
This was a shit-ton of fun to write. I hope you all enjoy it. ^_^

stories! )
^_^ hehehehe. This is gonna be fun to play out.

Here we...go )
This new section of Snake brought to you by the power of the Wii Fit!!
@_@ sure I just need to not crap out on it to help myself. Enjoy!

story here! )
*wince* I'm not feeling too great lately but this bit of writing kept me going, so I'm definitely glad I have it. It was fun to write. It was calming to write and I hope you all enjoy it.

and so we go )
Despite the fact my bladder was being a total ass to me today, I had a lot of fun writing this. I'm sorry I didn't write to make up what I didn't write yesterday but I hope that what I did make is enjoyable.

to follow )
I had in mind a final line for Alcan which would sound ominous but I couldn't make it work, so I just got rid of it instead. Oh well ^^. I didn't write as much as I hoped I would but I'm still satisfied with this. I had some fun. I hope you all enjoy it too.

story here )
^_^ I really enjoyed writing this even though it just goes a little bit of the way to providing answers. I was hoping to take this all of the way but this sort of writing is fast but it burns through me quickly. It's a load of fun though. I especially like it when the group dynamics are such that. Hope you all enjoy!

text here! )
This is really just another transitional piece and kinda laying out some thoughts which will definitely carry through on the next section. I have a lot of time to think tomorrow, so even if the internet craps out again, I should have a complete arc to present. I finally know where I'm going. Although I did consider Gekido laying some more kisses on and unleashing chaos. But I prefer to keep those sorts of moments at points of emotional resonsance.

hide! )
@_@ I need to stop writing this stuff late at night...although it hasn't worked out too bad. Just one note...never underestimate Folsek. That's all.

here we go )
Wow...this was a toughie. And I can't blame any one thing for holding this up really. I did a lot of other things and just put off thinking about this because I felt I couldn't top what I discovered in writing the last one. But I can't let that get to me. I need to just keep at it and resolute in my story ^^
So with that...enjoy!
text here )
^_^ hehe...
That is all.

story! )
This was loads of fun to write. It look a lot of thought this afternoon before I felt confidence in writing it but I felt like a joy to write. I'm glad with how this section turned out. ^_^ *glee*

@_@ oooo )
This is a little section but I'd been looking forward to writing it for a while. It came out slightly different than I originally expected but still interesting. ^^ Enjoy

Nya! )
And such ^^. A daring little combat section.

read here )
Next section. I didn't have all my energy and focus for this one (too many distractions around the house really) but still, I wanted to add something to the story. Once I got going, I had some fun but with. I had fun with one part in particular. ^^

Little bit more )



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