Here it is! The last set of episodes ;_;...aww...I'll miss it...I totally need to buy this set.

It's well worth it.

Powerpuff Finale! )
I'm kinda at the point in my Powerpuff Girls viewing (Early Season 5)...where I'm beginning to see changes in writing and art quality.

Despite that...Season 4 totally kicked-butt (as Buttercup would say). There was not a single clunker and the last episode was righteously awesome @_@...

Film Flam I mentioned before.

All Chalked Up was awesomely disturbing (as per all Him episodes) and fun...poor Bubbles and her chalk.

Get Back Jojo was the awesomest Stable Time Loop this side of Lost. And the art style was just utterly fantastic all the way though. Mojo once again is cursed in always managing to help the Powerpuff Girls (however unintentionally).

Super Friends - A new neighbor (who isn't a wannabe supervilain) and new friend (who sometimes says the darnest things ^^) I just loved the quiet little scenes of them all playing together and trying to reconcile when things hinder their friendship. Quiet but quite fun episode.

Members Only - I thought a much better "female superheroes!" episode than the Equal Fights one. The send ups of superhero types was really great. And a shout-out to a Japanese superhero!

Him Diddle Riddle - Him puts the girls to the test and they must succeed or "the professor will pay!" (I'm not giving this ending way but needless to say...I'm sure the Girls have never been more traumatized ^^V). A lot of good, Professor Layton style riddles. I'm sure by now we all know that show has adult and Japanese fan-service out the wazoo.

Nano of the North - may just be a "shrink ray" type episode but it also has A GRAY GOO APOCALYPSE!!!! That makes all things awesome.

Forced Kin - Mojo and the Girls team up to beat an alien invasion which out-thinks their best plans. This episode just absolutely wins for the character combo right there.

Stray Bullet - Actually the very first Powerpuff Girls episode I saw years ago. Hehe...flypaper. And a flying squirrel ^^. It was pretty cute. Especially when the other two tried to speak squirrel.

Knock It Off - @_@ Dick Hardly...and mass-marketing Powerpuffs. This episode kicked absolute ass. I loved the whole thing. Very good. Could be a decent ending to the show and I thought it was a lovely send-off for the original team who made the show.

...unfortunately...I know that the rest of series had very little to do with the original creators (except for specials). I can already tell from the art style of season 5.
I watched some more Powerpuff Girls...well...had it on (which was fun) as I crammed for my test I finished today .

Here's a few more impressions (there are some I'm really tempted to screencap--- I will denote them with *).

Cream of the Crop )

Decent )

Eh )

Bah! )

I also saw The Powerpuff Girls Movie - I liked the beginning but so much of it felt 'off'. Mojo Jojo especially talked differently and it seemed too...serious...when it should've just had more fun.
I did get close to replicating the process Elfir used to make an image recently - but problems with the limitations of Paint Shop Pro keep cropping up X_X.

Instead. I'll use my words to review them and I'll screen-cap the heck out of every one of them that I can ^^ others may give it a shot if they wish...

Stuck Up, Up, and Away! - I imagined using riff on Batman and of course her saying "I'm rich! I wanna be a Powerpuff Girl now!!!" and maybe "Veruca Salt Super Villain" in there somewhere.

Schoolhouse Rocked - This was a toughie but I thought I'd play on the fact that teacher never sees the Gangreen Gang do anything bad in class and the girls are all..."Lookit!!" and then they're sad when she doesn't see...I just love Bubbles' quote in this one though and I wish I could use it somewhere...

Collect Her - This is sooo ripe with internet geek silliness and of course it's got "Otaku!" written all over it..and I can't help but love some of these images...

That's all I have capped for now. Hopefully...some day...I'll figure out how to make pretty reviews out of these ^^. Besides...I'll be buying this DVD set eventually anyway.
More Powerpuff Impressions! *does my best Bubbles* I forgot to mention it but I loved in "Too Pooped to Puff" where Bubbles responded to the Professor lazily asking them to get the remote for smiling...picking up the remote...putting it almost in his reach...then letting it fall on the floor (all whilst smiling). Bubbles, you rock ^^ <3. Also, there are statements made by the girls which almost sound dirty @_@...and I'm certain they're meant to be ambiguous...

Read more... )
There were some that I couldn't find exactly and many were more situational but here's a few ^^

Quotes! )

Okay..I gotta share this...

Just one more PPG episode to share )

The Bare Facts in particular

All told from the Mayor's POV as he's abducted by Mojo Jojo. The screen is black when he's blindfolded for a good while. Then ^^...the girls try to tell the story of what happened and why they're laughing (much digression follows).

It's kinda like cartoon Rashomon ^^

This video has only Bubbles' version, but Blossom's version is (appropriately) rose-colored. Buttercup's look like an action graphic novel with dark tones. ^^ Pretty fun.

Extra - the first section of that episode, which I could find.

Yet. Tonight. Lectured out...I'm glad the one was only 30 minutes...

I saw a little more PPG before I decided to pile on the lectures

Impressions of...

many things! )
I'm really leaning towards Bubbles as my favorite so far. And I saw a few more episodes. I'm impressed by how much is included in the disk set. It seems the only thing missing is the movie but otherwise, it's all there.

Episode Thoughts )
On the was still a cruddy day with my sickness.

Here's the day so far! )



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