It's been a long while since I posted any of this and it's been a long while since I even thought about reflecting in my travel write-ups. Then there's those movie posts too. I'll try to do some more writing posting Friday or Saturday because the timing is good to afford me the ability to write and do what I want for class as well.

I wish I was going for a creative-writing masters (none offered in the area) would be work but it'd been the kind of work I'd love to get my fingers into...

A little bit more of the story )

I still haven't decided on a name but here's a bit more I wrote just for the fun of it. It's really just zappy fap of the cute sort right now but it's nice to try a bit and just make it without worrying about deeper meanings (although I do have a plot twist but it's not all that kinda inverted the idea from what I originally intended).

Here's the story )

I finally came together with the twist I want to pull on this story. I had it in mind since I started. The character of 'Anders' helped me come to it. Especially looking back on the opening of the story, I can tell where it'll end up. Hopefully it'll be enjoyed.

Story here )

Here's the next section. I got some nifty ideas for do something other than the usual zappy approach. We'll see how it goes.

continued here )

It's not a full-on new segment (more half a segment) but I wanted to post it all the same because it leaves things in a good place to start writing the really zappy parts full-on.


Beginning Orientation )

I'm surprised I managed to finish this tonight. It was kinda fun but I got easily sidetracked trying to remember the time I was sick in the hospital and needed to be put on morphine for my serious stomach flu. I knew I blogged about it but I can't find the entry. So far as I can recall, it happened around 2006 or 2007, either in the summer (since we thought the heat may have made the food I ate go bad). If you can find it in my archives, please point it out to me.

For now, here's the next part of the VR (originally started on the Wii) story. I will edit with some corrections later because I'm just putting this up as is before bed. Despite that, I hope you all enjoy ^^.

Parte 2 )

This was composed on a pad of paper for the first half and then transcribed (slowly) on the Wii to a friend. It's nothing special but it kinda came out my need to really mess with the typical TG style of "*kaboobs* You have an orgasmic J-cup now! And a vagina that is like Niagara Falls!" It was a mutual annoyance of me and a friend so I decided to have fun with it. The results are here and since it's a rather contained tale with clear sections in my mind, I have an opportunity to write it swiftly and concisely.

This nameless story follows - Part 1 )



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