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Wanting to zap a boy in my preschool class into a girl to come play with us because he was being weird and didn't want to play and if he was a girl (by my logic then) then he would come play with us.

I can remember all the feelings and emotions of it. Very vivid.
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Visual artist. I like performance though too. But definitely artist. There's no much expression in my visual ideas and inspiration which feels so hard to get across in writing alone. Reading graphic novels, I see so many of the same things I'd love to express conveyed in them.

I know if I really set my mind to it and focus myself with a plan and an environment to create that I can overcome my difficulties with my shaky hand. I want for this to be more than just hoping to be a world-class artist. I dedicate myself to conveying art ^^...only in words for now. But I dedicate myself to learning more arts some day soon.
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I'd bring To Say Nothing of the Dog because it's about time I actually took the time to read it again (despite reading it two times already...note...I never really reread books fully because I remember them too well. And the only other book I'd really consider rereading would be Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.)

And probably Lord of the Rings (abridged on tape or single volume). Need to finish that...
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Queen. Just need a time machine X_X...
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^_^ *devious scheming* I think you all can guess.

It would be the Zappy Creative Network. And it would show exactly what you guess. Programming with gender bending (including gender bending reality shows that don't suck). I know Logo does a little bit of stuff like that. But I want to me more fun-loving, creative, and gleefully world-conquering with the ideas ^^V. Oh and anime. Original anime with gender zappy especially <3.

What does this Rorschach blot look like to you?

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Two P-chans from Ranma 1/2 dancing with balerinas.
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Why else do you think Elfir's cats would do all the stuff they do? :-p

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Definitely baby chicks. They're noisy as heck but fun to see in a classroom.
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Or assistant to the Poop-Smith...

Or basically a politician.
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Favorite - My 2nd dorm (in the nicer building complex) <3...awesome place (especially in retrospect).

Least - Home when it's dusty = tie with = My first dorm...no frickin' furniture and so dang cramped. Nice bathroom though...but it always flooded! The second one had a floor drain at least.
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Probably cell phones but I don't have one so I'm just looking at other people's ones.

Personally though, I think blue-tooth has some definite issues. There are people who use them and they have long hair and you can't see the twig coming out of their head...so they're laughing and talking to themselves like they're Gollem/Smegol. I made fun of that a little with sections of Dida.

At home or for work, that's fine. But someone walking around and interacting with other people while talking to their twig...that just strikes me as rude....especially when it's banal talk.

It's why I love that commercial where the guy is using a blue-tooth and says "You're being robbed" in a market. I don't think that's a case of judging too soon. He deserved that beatdown and tazering :-p.
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The internet! ... nah. I wouldn't survive.

I don't have a ton of indulgences that I partake in regularly. Probably just video games. I could give up video games for around 40 days. I have in the past but not intentionally. I just didn't play any games for almost two months (nearly a month if you count flash games). I could manage it as long as I was allowed the internet.
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Take care of my family financially in the things they need, help out friends how they need, then make a big house with lots of guest room for friends and others who need a place to stay, then I'm opening my own bookstore with lots of anime/manga especially and its own zappy genre wall.
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Zappy! Googly! Smush. And...umm...probably others...
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Regular pay to write. Dream-wise, I'd love to get tons of money maybe from ad revenue on this blog from visitors (only the ads would be awesome and themed to my style and 100 percent clean from spyware shit). If I got paid for what I already do, that would be perfect and if my writings that I've published online were widely seen in that way, all the better. It'd be like publishing without having to figure out how the print publishing world works. Realistically, I need a significant presence outside of LJ to get to that point but since it says 'dream job' I'm sticking to it.
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I talked about this recently somewhere...Unfortunately, I can't remember it as vividly right now as I did a few days ago working through the mental connections of details. There's one main school one I can remember with this one boy who was crying or I was being a mean/rough girl and I made him cry (unsure). Either way, my first memory was feeling for him as he cried...against the brick wall of the school...and I was led away by a teacher. I remember thinking that he'd probably be happier as one of us girls. My first zappy thought ^^;;.

But since I was at school, it's probably not my very first memory.

That would have to be when I was three and I was first being examined by my doctor...that led to my surgery at age three. I can remember being led through a hospital with my own plushie. Yeah, that's definitely my first memory
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Anime-loving, bright, creative, determined, easygoing, friendly, glasses-clad, humble, itchy, jokey, kindly, loopy, motherly, naive, optimistic, playful, quixotic, readerly, shy, thankful, unknown, (blank on 'v'), writerly, (blank on 'x'), yawny, ZAPPY.
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Smart-ass answer - How the internet doesn't implode from the weight of 4chan memes and lolcats.

Normal answer - My connections between people I have met and their associations with me and how I run into them and find them again in ways that would make a "Lost" writer snicker from implausibility. I've always done some mental focus things which have resulted in trippy events (a friend's lamp...*thinks* popped or burned out right as I was trying to help them find their keys by focusing on them and they found their lost keys by looking down at the cord area right then). And people who seem to be connected to what seem like other realms or existences or aspects of reality. It's hard to really comprehend and explain.
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Journeyman. That is all. I miss others but I really miss that one a lot.



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