I wanted to write a very manly feeling, fighting and spirited work with gender changing ^^. I hope it turned out well. I had fun writing this.

Aertima's Will: Fighting Spirit )

This is a story inspired by Anna in many ways but still a work of fiction with slow zappy and trying to work with characters more ^^. There'll be quite a few in this one.

Chapter 1 and 2 )

This is more than a bit kinda working through all my experiences with insurance companies lately...and it kinda refers to an old caption I did.

Doctor Visit: Special Adjustment )

This new work is a tad experimental. I'm gonna dig into Medley a bit more as well and see if I can get it to the point where we have enough to feel settled and established. Sorry for the delay there. This was fun to write. I feel a lot more gleeful in the design in my writing compared to especially a few years ago. I'm experimenting with form and focus and time. I hope you enjoy this story. It won't be too long but hopefully it should be interesting.

Cut for length )
I really enjoyed finishing this. It was far tougher than I expected but I'm glad I made it. A long-ish story in a little over a month. I enjoyed creating it. Next up...Medley! ^_^V

Story concludes... )
I really enjoyed writing this...it was tougher...but I enjoyed it.

Story continues... )
I really enjoyed writing this...especially with the little touches.

Story continues... )
This was fun! ^_^V

Story follows here )
Here's a zappy story that gives me lots of ideas for where to take it. It's gonna be fun ^^.

Story follows here )
I had some pretty good dreams last night.

Finally, some zappy ideas. In this one, it was like an omniscient, floaty, but fun perspective of Japan turning all into girls. There were news programs and concerns there from the new Japan that there would be no children. Even unborn infants were all going to be girls. Everyone in the country, no matter how isolated, all turned female at the same time. Also, there was some kind of mental easing into it that went along with it that kept a lot of people calm about the change. It was soon discovered there was a sort of...yuri-type method of reproduction...it was only implied in a news program. Both (or more) participants managed to get pregnant, but only with mutual intent.

Waking up, there was stress and argument amongst family (none of it actually involving me...because I didn't let it). I felt like a relaxed eye in the center. And most interesting of all, I finally was able to visualize complex and complete anime persons in my mind's eye. There were incredible things and characters. I tried every character I could imagine. I tried the Mecchen House characters and they were incredibly vivid in their presentation. Most fun, I could see myself in a cute, nodding-off anime form. I could visualize it all. It's starting to fade now. I have this focus of visual power like that when I'm still half-asleep. It's really cool. I wish I could make it happen more often. ^_^ <3

Here it is, my NaNoWriMo. Undistilled and largely unedited because of the approach promoted by the NaNoWriMo project. It's also the first thing I've written that I've deliberately planned out. An interesting experiment all around. I hope you enjoy it. ^^

NaNoWriMo )

Thank you ^^

The frames are a little slow but considering the video editor probably changed every frame, that's fairly impressive. Smiling Shinji works the best...Gendo...uh...doesn't.
[livejournal.com profile] zappy_art

There's not much there yet but I hope to let it grow some. It was just an idea of "well...there isn't one...why not make one?"

And so there it is.

On another note...my muse is napping...lazy jerk...
But I made something at least ^^
Kids Next Door episode with my favorite sort of "Pip/Princess Ozma" twist. ^_^

Can anyone find me a real catalog in like PDF format I can edit into a Nuhaizi Stores catalog? *doe eyes*


Mar. 20th, 2007 11:21 pm
I'm thinking in full British accent tonight X_X

K is Love!

Mar. 14th, 2007 06:12 pm
Like Kyaa and other Ks.

But the main Ks are the two manga Ks I got today.

Kashimashi - You all should be aware of it. It's on my Photobucket.
Kedamono Damono - a wacky romance between a girl and a guy--who turns into a girl at night. Konatsu is the manager of the boys' basketball team, and has a crush on her senpai, who oversees the team and is a real jerk. As Konatsu confides in Haruki, their relationship begins to grow closer. The only problem: Haruki is a boy by day, and a real pervy girl by night!

The 2nd is nifty because the boy/girl is kind of a fusion of Tara and Sumi from what I've seen so far in female form. Or rather like Kyaa. She can get a bra off in a flash and get to nuzzling girls in a girl-girl fashion of cute. It's worth checking out even though it only consists of two mangas.

I had a creative enema thanks to Nina and I was just dropping ideas all over the place while I was driving for chores today @_@. Most are too spoilerish but I can say...Kelly will not always wear glasses.

ZAP!!! ^_^ hehehehe
I love it.

Now, to me, his question must be followed by three particular replies by the girl sitting next to him.

And it would go... (Kyaa-like)
Guy - "What?"
Girl - "Nothing, she's really sexy. *smiles and looks at the girl off-camera"

Or my two versions.
Guy - "What?"
Girl - "You like my friend James, huh? *smile*"
And then something about how "they're hiring new girls" and suggesting that to the guy.

Second - ("when they're with the 'guys'" but taken in another context)
Guy - "What?"
Girl - "Nevermind..."
Guy - "You'd rather I looked at you, Dave? You remember what guys are like."

Also, there's just something about the guy's look which somehow just suggests zappy to me. But then I always like to imagine guys who lust especially for certain girls or certain types of girls really actually envy and want to be like them ^^. But that's my zappy brain talking.
What a load. What a damn piece of total shit. Crap Crap Crap. I could make a better film of any sort stuffing a handicam up my ass. Dumb coincidences upon one another, lame visuals, there's like five interesting minutes of "I'm a girl" in it but then he just turns back...and forth and so on. Gets stuck once, I got excited there. His female form was a good match but it's rather hard to tell gender. Almost as much as Katsumi. Point being, I must thank this film for showing that I can do a better zappy film myself than any so-called professional team can do. For the love of zappy, do not watch this film. Stop the tide of shitty zappy films. Thank you.



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