Hopefully this is nicely scary.

Salass's Garden )

I wanted to write a very manly feeling, fighting and spirited work with gender changing ^^. I hope it turned out well. I had fun writing this.

Aertima's Will: Fighting Spirit )

I loath this cough X_X. *Sucks on another cough drop*

Mom is home after I woke up early to go get her and we waited a long time by the nursing care place's lobby before the ride home showed up. Getting her into the bed wasn't so bad. I really want to get some extra help around the home after this week. It will be vitally needed.

+ Make sure the nurse comes enough so mom's catheter is changed.
+ A lady to clean and help us organize at least a day a week (preferably someone with a super vacuum like this mythic Filter Queen vacuum I keep hearing about being awesome).
...actually if someone can get all that then I think I can get myself the rest

Short-term, I'm gonna try to take a summer or a fall class.

I want to keep writing but I want to make it a career as well as a first choice.

I need to keep looking (I wish I could somehow get a dollar for each person who comes to my dA page from some ad thing but that's kinda beyond my skills and probably not possible).

^_^ But for now, something fun I wrote that is very personal and semi-auto-biographical.

 The Zappy Girl )

This is a story inspired by Anna in many ways but still a work of fiction with slow zappy and trying to work with characters more ^^. There'll be quite a few in this one.

Chapter 1 and 2 )

This new work is a tad experimental. I'm gonna dig into Medley a bit more as well and see if I can get it to the point where we have enough to feel settled and established. Sorry for the delay there. This was fun to write. I feel a lot more gleeful in the design in my writing compared to especially a few years ago. I'm experimenting with form and focus and time. I hope you enjoy this story. It won't be too long but hopefully it should be interesting.

Cut for length )
This is it. It was hard road writing this. I feel like my creative spirit died (and resurrected) a few times trying to get through it. This was far more challenging than I expected. I hassled myself over so many word choices. I tried my best with it and here's the final result.

The Last Part )
It's been a while since I wrote this story but I figured I'd give it a shot.

New story parts! )
^_^ This story was made by me for [livejournal.com profile] groggypenguin as part of a creative exchange. The concept credit goes to her along with many ideas contained within. Thanks, Groggy ^^V.

*all noted errors fixed now ^^V*

The Red Tiger )
major_kerina: (Thinking and Sitting)
Here it is. It's an idea and story type which I do a lot on my own for fun. This is more adventure and tension type story stuff.

This is just a rough teaser for it. I did some work on it but I've not yet smoothed it out. If it's well-received, I might give it more thorough treatment ^^.

For now, enjoy.

Changelings )
Note the title. I haven't been writing or rewriting much in a while. I've tried little projects. This is another such little project.

Complaints )



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