If I want to follow some shows...I'm gonna need to watch them online...which is fine...but there is just too much to see...

I checked in on a few here and there tonight and will catch what I missed online.

Chuck, Heroes Premiere and Journeyman reactions follow (some spoilers) )
There are a few shows I like to watch. I've lately dropped Lost because it's really begun to irritate me with the endless form and lack interest. Only an explanation like that of a physics theory with alternate universes and time travel could come close to explaining it. When you get too intricate it's hard for the center to hold. But nevermind. Here's some shows I like and some I might be tempted to check out.

X-s Prison Break off my list* - I've had enough of this show.

Simpsons - Meh...probably but I'm not enthused.

Family Guy - the Star Wars parody looked good but we'll see how well they can build from that.

Chuck - I like the actor. He's fun. The premise is kinda eh and it doesn't have zappy. So I'll have to wait and see.

Journeyman - This is my most hopeful watched show. Time-travelers. I like Time Travel. I just hope it's not a Quantum Leap rehash. I've seen some stuff that suggests a whole backstory of interesting stuff. But I don't know if it can hold up for an entire show. Quantum Leap ran dry after a while too.

Reaper - Demon hunting humor? Could be good. So long as it doesn't retreat the horror/comedy vein. But it's also interesting.

Bionic Woman - The chances for zappy are there...I know. I explored it in Project Auryon. I don't expect it to be as good as my dreams for the concept but it should touch upon themes of loss of humanity and the like.

Pushing Daisies - Guy who has the power to resurrect the dead with a touch but he uses it selfishly (another touch makes them dead forever). He resurrects the woman he loves and can never ever touch her again or she will die. That alone interests me. But this is the sort of show which dies really fast due to network executives.

Heroes - May wait for the DVD.

And whenever the heck Lost decides to come back, I'll follow the show summaries.


Jul. 4th, 2007 03:03 am
@_@ Wow...I've enjoyed a lot of Keith Olberman's comments. But this really struck a nerve for me.

Happy 4th of July.

Cut Above )
I happened to find a reference to a show I watch which was invented and put on Wikipedia (search Ravenwood and Jennings and Rall, the former has been in the show as a merchenary group). Granted Wikipedia is not for false info, it's hard to actually get to the entry unless you're trying. Maybe they got a special permission from Wiki since it's been around for a little while. The show is Jericho. Nukes wipe out most everyone and it's actually a fairly light, family drama. Finding out what is actually going on makes for a fun sort of Lost-lite (no weirdness, just people mysteries). Or The Stand + umm...Sweet Home Alabama? Not really. But like the "guy-who-has-been-away-from-home-long-time-returns" deal. But the Stand element is there. Everyone is aping Stephen King (Lost especially). But it like it. One of the few I actually feel interested in watching. Although DVD would probably be easier.


Sep. 27th, 2006 10:21 pm
Okay this is a short, 'what I you think about the new/returning tv shows this fall which I watch when I actually have time' dealie.

Offers grade and comments about them )
Kinda eh with the way they did it. Smacks too much of American Idol for me but the best ideas were the refused ones but really I think the people who invented stuff have gone so far with their work, the doggie air conditioner, the constructable and reformable exercise kit, etc (except for the portable urinal raincoat...that was just odd and under developed) that they can say a big FU to the show, thanks for publicity and they're set. Also ones that stuck out the "Safety Wand" to which many said "It's a stick...".
Specialized sandbag shovel. A ride-on-the handle-bars bicycle mod, a bit ungangly though. Evan and Jaron of "Crazy For This Girl" with their pit-hider...eh...they're better at singing than inventing IMHO. A gun for smoking food. A 'gel onto toliet-paper dispenser for sensitive butts' good principle but doesn't sound like this one works. Tizzy Tube a little plastic contraption for kids to flail around in as punishment. It actually looked kinda fun and they got plenty of air but the judges called it "child abuse". Whatever...after no safety concerns over the two seater bike they have no argument. A solar-powered cooler which I liked and a lot of features in it but it was kinda bulky.

Here's some I was able to find online (planned to audition these were, but I only saw a few of them) that stuck out for me. The show was crap all in all because it was too tv. Should've been a Discovery Channel project rather than an American Idol wannabe.
http://www.naplap.com/ (very cute but would be even better if it was warmed too)



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