Cheez Whiz!

I finished the Steak part of the Travel Channel "Haha...we show you great/tasty/fatty/expensive foods you can't sample unless this DVD is a teleporter to the location!" series. All that's left is...ugh...deep fried...X_X...One of them is a tempura though.

Oh and I watched Lost tonight...wanna know how it was?"

Look here if you don't mind spoilers )
" marketing efforts will dominate your face."

Mark Zio Systems as the newest website business to avoid at all cost!

It was a slowly Friday...

But I do have some philosophical musings I'd love to post on Aeternalae. So we'll see. I need to get out the notes I took from last night as I lay musing it. I got my allergy shot today, did part of the house vacuuming, had a huge Subway-style (pick what you want on it) Burrito and then I had some Pad Thai at a place with only two parking spaces and which could well be the oldest building in Lancaster which is not turned into some sort of museum. ^_^

Oh and Mecchen 16 is very close to being done. It will wind up with the big twist I originally planned.
I went on a fish bender to cap the end of summer.
details )
You may have seen the debacle that was Sushi last thursday.
So I brought forth...SUSHI THURSDAY VERSION 2.0
I went to the place voted top in town last year. (Big Tuna)
I got the all-you-can-eat this time but I knew early this would be much better.
The Miso. The other place's Miso was crap.
The All-You-Can-Eat was 25.99 (dollar more than bad place's price). I only wound up spending a few cents more than last week (just had water).

My chopsticks skills are NON-EXISTENT! X_X Please help...I think have hand cramps...
Nevertheless, I loved the food.
I started with the Miso (very nice) and the Baked Mussels (fresh but a little blackened). Many things were blackened but they actually tasted pretty good. There was like a cream in many things. I want to call it "candied mayo cream" but I really have no clue what it was composed of.

So then I had a lobster sampler. It was like a baked lobster in candied mayo cream over rice, blackened again but I liked it a lot. I like lobster so it's not a tough fight.

Then I tried my only sushi, a bit of squid. I only really like octopus and red clam and sometimes Uke and eel as sushi. But I'd never had squid sushi before so my experience is growing.

Then entrees. I got the dynamite roll. Wise...very wise. It was like they took the lobster thing, combined it with scallops, fish, crab and awesomeness. Oh course my chopsticks hand gave out due to bad posture so I had to eat slow. It was great though. Blackened too but it served it well.

And then I had some soy beans and finished up with a special order. I wanted tempura calamari without a roll and I GOT IT! ^_^. They gave me so much cool stuff at this place. I only wish I could take the tempura calamari home for mom but it wasn't to be (she misses the seafood by the ocean). Maybe if I'm more covert next time....*ninja*

But all in all, if last time was a D for food (saved only by decent calamari although this one was better) this one was a solid A.

One last local thingie awaits me. Next week I plot to go to the all-you-can-eat seafood thingie. First I'll scope it this Friday to see if you need reservations and then I'll give it a try next week. I'm just darn glad my stomach isn't killing me this Thursday evening. X_X



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