Hopefully this is nicely scary.

Salass's Garden )

I wanted to write a very manly feeling, fighting and spirited work with gender changing ^^. I hope it turned out well. I had fun writing this.

Aertima's Will: Fighting Spirit )

This is a story inspired by Anna in many ways but still a work of fiction with slow zappy and trying to work with characters more ^^. There'll be quite a few in this one.

Chapter 1 and 2 )

This is more than a bit kinda working through all my experiences with insurance companies lately...and it kinda refers to an old caption I did.

Doctor Visit: Special Adjustment )

Fun little ambiguous story. Mostly this was an experiment in writing dialogue and wondering what one would take on a time travel trip.

Time Travel – A Vlog )

I relaxed after taking care of getting mom home with this little tidbit ^^V. It's an homage to Dear Abby columns.

Dear Annie )

Hope you enjoy it ^^

Also available on dA - Here

Essay )
And here's the new, second chapter, all revised ^^V.

Chapter 2 )

Just some smaller changes. Chapter 2 in a second. More chapters to follow and the ending as well ^^

Paranosis - Chapter 1 )

First chapter posting for Paranosis ^_^V

Chapter 1 entire )
Been writing very good ^^. Note...this writing is largely unedited. I'll be doing editted chapter posts on a more-or-less weekly basis.

*more Nanowrimo* )
Been fun so far ^^.

Paranosis )
I am stunned I managed to get both done but these two story universes are so lived in for me that I just loved making these tales <3.

Halloween at Mecchen House )

A Halloween with Complaints )

^_^ Enjoy and have an awesome Halloween! *flies off with a flutter of my wings*
This new work is a tad experimental. I'm gonna dig into Medley a bit more as well and see if I can get it to the point where we have enough to feel settled and established. Sorry for the delay there. This was fun to write. I feel a lot more gleeful in the design in my writing compared to especially a few years ago. I'm experimenting with form and focus and time. I hope you enjoy this story. It won't be too long but hopefully it should be interesting.

Cut for length )
I really enjoyed finishing this. It was far tougher than I expected but I'm glad I made it. A long-ish story in a little over a month. I enjoyed creating it. Next up...Medley! ^_^V

Story concludes... )
I really enjoyed writing this...it was tougher...but I enjoyed it.

Story continues... )
I really enjoyed writing this...especially with the little touches.

Story continues... )



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