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Aug. 23rd, 2007 08:56 pm
In the book version of Men in Black (cut from the movie)...there's this anti-theft device on K's MIB car which any authorized people touch it and turns them into a pile of dust. At the end of the chapter, James (J) discovers it's really really dusty around the car.

I'd love to put a couple hundred of those with broken windows in cities all around and let's see how much dust blows around.

I don't even fucking care to zap people like that. It's too good for them. Put them outside corporate offices too. I'd love to add in a pain element that the dust is silently screaming all the while too until it becomes part of some plant or something when it settles. *growls*

That's it. I'm really ticked. I needed to vent about this...
Has anyone played the Rocket Slime game for the DS? I'm on the verge of throwing it against a wall. There's this statue I'm supposed to replicate in Mountain Krakatroda. I can figure out two of the items I need - The Imp that is a bad shot at magic and the 1000ton weight, but I don't understand what the other monster is. I've used every single critter I can imagine and yet the FAQs just say "grab the items and monsters you need"...yeah...really fucking helpful dickwad.
Edit - I'm an idiot X_X...bomb thingie...

I hate it when straight-forward games turn needlessly complex. A lot of Nintendo games do this. I absolutely loath backtracking. It's why Metroid and others get on my nerves a lot. Gameplay-length is substituted for "I'm wandering around for 10 fucking hours trying to figure out where to go...". Even Okami has moments of utter confusion about what to do next. At least wandering in Okami isn't quite so tedious as the other ones.

Is this a motiff in 'adventure' games? *grumbles*

Flora pointed this out to me and I tracked down a full version of this. The part in particular which I was presented with is the section titled "A Higher Power" aka "Bush-supporter-type believe God will clean up the piles of crap they've 'left behind' because they assume themselves to be the worthy ones!"


Basically the 'Rapture' exit strategy.

I don't mind belief and faith. But this is Christo-fascism.

That's the situation of our world today, Christofascism (which was coined by this person in my birth-year - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dorothee_S%C3%B6lle ) vs. Islamofascism in "My God can fuck you up!" fight to the eradication of all mankind. With a insanity frosting of globalism vs. everyone else.

Fuck it all...I'll fix it. I don't know how...I'll try my writing first. But if you see a big glowing light and a bunch of anime girls suddenly appear...you'll know.
The short version - I think I can! I think I can! I think I can! I think I can! *wait for it to show up*

Basically it surmises that if you mentally focus on a goal, no matter how impossible the goal might seem, if you focus a positive attitude and determination on it, then it will come to you. Thoughts determine your destiny. The Law of Attraction as a brand. Largely, it is a huge, stinking pile of crap (The Secret, not Law of Attraction). I mean it's good to have a good attitude, good for the body and whatnot. But it says that your thought rays of wanting something draws it to you (some New Agey twist on it). It's just a means of self-motivation and realizing. If you just think of wanting something and sit there thinking it all the time...it will be like trying to fish by sitting on the shore and willing the fish to jump into your lap. One time in a million it might actually happen, but really...you're wasting you time. Get a fishing pole and put some work into what you want to achieve.

PS - and the fact this "Secret" crap will not fall off Amazon's best-seller list is certifiable proof that 85 percent of people are sheep. Just like the Chimera Sheep which was recently made which was 85 percent sheep and 15 percent human (see link - http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7681252/ )

So in short - The Secret = Positive Thinking will give you anything you ask for, even spontaneous boobs (which I'm torn about but still I must admit...) = Snake Oil

But I'm much more amenable to the Law of Attraction but "The Secret" is tainting its reputation with pseudo-science.


Feb. 27th, 2007 12:15 am
Damn you other girls. Taking away my boys-to-be-girls from zappy. *hisses at them* You're gonna be the clothes.

Just venting over the trend of those I care about getting peer-pressured/emerging/etc into hetero relationships which are not right to the girls involved because they want a man in the relationship and you are not a man. Don't con them. You're gonna both wind up locked into an unhappy life of lying to each other and you'll likely divorce. I know a certain expatriate who is the key example of this. All that shit about "if I'm just with her I'll work all this out" is a LOAD OF FUCKING CRAP!!! Quit lying. Don't you dare.

For many reasons I will never be in a relationship with a man which is much beyond friends. Or a girl. On the very extreme chance someone will take me on my terms, as fucked up, domineering, submissive, unorthodox and contradictory as I can be even then, I'm never gonna have kids. I'm okay with that. I'm a weirdo.

But to all those people out there. Don't try to pass yourself off as normal just to get a girl. If you want one that bad, I'm gonna fucking make you into one for the rest of your days. Be as fucked up and crazy/beautiful as you truly are in the world and love it. Fuck acceptance to the establishment. The establishment should submit to you and obey you, then you should beat it within in an inch of its life and then turn it into a potted plant.

This is kinda verging into other themes but I just wanted to get out my irritation at this trend in people I know. I understand that the situation is intricate for many but it really pisses me off when it happens over and over again. Just so you all know, not directed at any one in particular but it was something that was stewing for a while and it came to a boil.

*Killer to caring loli shift* I love you all!
What a load. What a damn piece of total shit. Crap Crap Crap. I could make a better film of any sort stuffing a handicam up my ass. Dumb coincidences upon one another, lame visuals, there's like five interesting minutes of "I'm a girl" in it but then he just turns back...and forth and so on. Gets stuck once, I got excited there. His female form was a good match but it's rather hard to tell gender. Almost as much as Katsumi. Point being, I must thank this film for showing that I can do a better zappy film myself than any so-called professional team can do. For the love of zappy, do not watch this film. Stop the tide of shitty zappy films. Thank you.
I hereby outlaw all uses of the terms "That's/It's stupid." and "That's/It's dumb." (plus any elaborations like "That's so like you know...dumb and stuff!") from any all forms of discussion and debate, particularly by teenagers. That statement does not work to prove your point. It is a symptom of the name-calling which informed debate has devolved into. The goal is to see how much louder you can call your opponent "stupid/dumb/gay" until you wear them down. It looks even worse when it's put in a newspaper article and it has to be read by human eyes.

If anyone violates this law, they will be turned into a girl. If they're already a girl then they will be turned into a statue.
I had a good class but I gotta say sitting for 2 hours is not quite as fun as sitting for one at a time with the other class but it is nice to be able to only have to go Monday and Wednesday. I went to Barnes and Noble to get the books I needed and decided to get them online instead because it'd be cheaper but it brings me to my first little thing...

1 - I had to use the men's room because the woman's room was locked up and flooding a little (!), I wasn't the only one using it at least. People went in turns. I did notice something weird. Tucked covertly behind the toliet I used was the book "The Joy of Gay Sex"...this gives me a whole new perspective on Men's Restrooms @_@....

2 - Talk radio has one overused phrase and it is "Bad people/men" as in "bad men want to destroy us" or "bad people are leeching our tax dollars dry"...whenever I hear those words (and you hear them a lot on talk radio), I can't help but imagine the speaker was a kindergarden kid who is trying to make a point with his simple logic. Basically...stop using that phrase...it's not helping prove your point X_X

3 - NPR has its issues too. A phrase they overuse to death "You can guess where this is going." If I can guess where it is going then I already know what you're going to say...if I already know what you're going to say then...why am I listening to you represent what I already agree with? It's like auditory masturbation...Sorry, just gets my gall. Also Joe Morgenstern's voice makes me want to throttle him even though makes decent movie choices. I like NPR but in balanced doses...I can stand it more than talk radio, at least
mean girls -_- )



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