Finger painting in your own blood?

Finger painting in someone else's blood?

...or finger painting in blood which you can't remember where or who you got it from?
"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" needs to be adapted into a monster movie.

*dark opening*
"In the light of the moon a little egg lay on a leaf...."
*chanting music*
*zoom in on the egg*
*cracks open with light streaming out*
*cue zooming text*
George W Bush - "One of my favorite books!"
"It's hungry..." - tagline
It's odd, the Simpsons hasn't been really fun or funny (with a few exceptions) since Clinton was President. Still, there is a Simpsons movie coming out around late next month. What caught my eye was the creat-a-character they had. Which would be awesome if it was with some sort of game (not a fighting game...oh PLEASE GREAT FATE!!! NOT A FIGHTING GAME!!! *runs screaming*). But alas, you just get to make a character. It's not too nuanced but better than most. For free it's fun a few time but not much more. (the Avatar link is along the top)

Here's my self-effort.

Evil evil nose...-_-
I like weird movies/DVDs. So I'm curious to see where I'll place on this. I don't go for the typical fare.

Movie movie )
I went on a Pani Pani Dash bender. I now have clinical ADD. X_X Seriously though, that show is hyper and info/reference-heavy...but I loved this image...

Yes, it's a homage to Elfir's icon ^^

Mecchen Fun

Apr. 2nd, 2007 12:44 am
A certain number of the Mecchen girls won't be 'among the others' by the end of the story. What could possibly happen to these friends of ours?

Well I'll tell you what won't happen.

They won't )
And Friday means funny/silly stuff ^^

Like this...

Long Squeep Disorganized Religion! 
A musical number!

*Ovary bursts into song*

"Gotta dance! Gotta dance!"

Sheesh it's hot outside X_X
"That movie had so much testosterone in it, I got pregnant just from watching it. At least six months from now a ripped, buff baby boy will eat his way out of my womb, unwilling to SURRENDER to the threat to freedom that is known as the third trimester."

And that was the reaction from the men who saw it! *rim-shot* ^_^ (actual quote though)
The same goes for what Abram called "ass physics," essentially the firmness of the male buttocks.

Ah...Friday ^^. Until they add zappy, I don't give a crap about whatever "female adult" games they offer up.
Critters that eat their own poop disturb me @_@

I saw a puppy once like "hmm...I'm hungry...OH! FOOD! *eats*...*poops* MORE FOOD! *poops* EVEN MORE FOOD!"

That's all.
I had an idea of "what would I caption my icons as if I could?". I stink at captioning them visually.

Cut so you don't get hurt )
Cute video



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