I had to run right from bed to the Wii to copy this dream down immediately. I must capture it.

Magical/Mystical Academy )
I had a good sleep. And I had just a little dream...

In my dream, I was watching a newscast about how people were turning wasted spam emails into renewable bandwith. It was kinda like cellulose bio-diesel.

And that's it. I'm sure there was more, but that's all I saved in my head.
It was a kinda virtual online game with a gameboard in play. Zombie anime girls were taking over the world (they were adorable despite their undead-ness). I played the side that had to defend a mall from their invasion.

There were a couple strategy choices you could make. First, you pick between whether you want to defend the whole mall or make a fortification within. If you choose to defend the whole mall, then you're able to get ability, weaponry, and armor benefits from the all parts of the mall. The cost is that you will have a hard time holding the entire mall to enjoy all these benefits but since your defenders are spread all around, you will lose less at a time to conversion (they had to kiss defenders then strangle them to convert them, I think).

If you choose a fortification, the benefits are reduced but your DEF rating is gigantic. It's much easier to hold and repel the invasion. But if you are breached, you lose a lot of defenders (it seemed your goal was to retain the most defenders).

There was a fun-looking zombie anime girl side of play to assault the defenders but I didn't play it in the game. It had its own stats and variables. The game played kinda like a virtual action RPG strategy game (it reminded me a bit of Risk).
I had some pretty good dreams last night.

Finally, some zappy ideas. In this one, it was like an omniscient, floaty, but fun perspective of Japan turning all into girls. There were news programs and concerns there from the new Japan that there would be no children. Even unborn infants were all going to be girls. Everyone in the country, no matter how isolated, all turned female at the same time. Also, there was some kind of mental easing into it that went along with it that kept a lot of people calm about the change. It was soon discovered there was a sort of...yuri-type method of reproduction...it was only implied in a news program. Both (or more) participants managed to get pregnant, but only with mutual intent.

Waking up, there was stress and argument amongst family (none of it actually involving me...because I didn't let it). I felt like a relaxed eye in the center. And most interesting of all, I finally was able to visualize complex and complete anime persons in my mind's eye. There were incredible things and characters. I tried every character I could imagine. I tried the Mecchen House characters and they were incredibly vivid in their presentation. Most fun, I could see myself in a cute, nodding-off anime form. I could visualize it all. It's starting to fade now. I have this focus of visual power like that when I'm still half-asleep. It's really cool. I wish I could make it happen more often. ^_^ <3
I've had awful runs all day. Still just getting over it.

Classical music and actually some stress worked to push me to remember my dreams. I'm pondering now that maybe I do have some wonderful and beautiful dreams but my unconscious is insensative to them or something.

Either way, these dreams were not pleasant. Not in the least.

Content warning on the second one )

Two Dreams

Aug. 19th, 2008 03:24 pm
Two for one post! )
I was taking a nap and the Earth decided we needed a massage. It was kinda nice. The window rattled a bit but there wasn't much to it. Oh and the peach tree fell over. Not a big deal considering it has been dead (and yet not touched by bugs) for about ten years and it was just basically a root-less, tree skeleton propped up in a hole.

Dreamtime Shaken )
Only one of them was actually kinda fun (all from my waking notes).

Trio of Dreams )
I had a dream last night with zombies. But it was about a death metal song with the opening lyrics "Zombies **** Hard". And a dark (and rather well-choreographed) music video about a zombie going at a poor guy from behind and he slowly turned into a undead woman with torn clothes and an ashen face with dark eyes. After that point, they sought more humans to "change" as the song ended. I can vaguely remember some of the lyrics.
I've done a good amount of Mecchen lately. Happy for that.

I had really interesting dreams last night. I slept some today in passing. It amounted to around four dreams and they kinda blended themes of schoolgirl versions of characters. (Using notes I took after waking up).

Dream on )

Last night

Apr. 28th, 2007 07:41 pm
I had a very vivid dream-in-dream about a political conflagration leading to global, thermonuclear war. The UK, Canada, Russia, and "Islamistan" (dream's terminology) allied together against the US, Mexico, Italy, and Cuba (go figure). But the town was able to set up a bunker in the area for everyone. Unfortunately I...or some dream approximation of me...went out to rescue something or someone who I couldn't quite name but I was outside during the first strike and I felt suddenly nauseous and irradiated (it seemed that way). But then I woke up, like a start, out of the dream...or so I thought. But I was still in the dream. In my dream-waking I decided to go back to sleep (still in my dream) and change what happened. So I went back in a "Dream Vortex" to when I left and got the item (which had become a conscious robot which I needed to rescue). I got her out of there then deliberately went outside during the irradiation and turned into an all-powerful, radiant being. I rewound time and unmade the nukes before they were even launched. I transformed all those who would seek destructive aggression upon others into helpless baby girls. The all-powerful me left my dream and made her way into the dreaming-me's world. She then changed things so it would exist like an anime-realm with zappy as a part of reality. When dreaming-me woke up, she realized she was in a dream. But when she woke up from this dream the all-powerful one changed, she realized she was actually a sleeping tree and all this she had seen in her dream would actually come to pass in time. So she went swimming and bowed her head, and when she looked up, the all-powerful version of me was there. The tree then woke up again as me seeing dad opening the door to tell me it was time to wake up. Then I actually woke up and a minute later dad actually did that (I'm fairly certain he didn't do that previously.) It was more like Deja vu than anything I'd experienced for quite some time.

That was my dream ^_^

I've had a string of dreams since Monday, including today. About five so far.

1 - An eternals dream. I was a mystic in an Aeternals-type town. Nina was in it. She liked to play by this crystalline blue river. The whole area was like azure molding clay with the water rushing through. Nina was about 13 and a total tomboy. I kept reminding her she was a girl and kept razzing me about it. I was helping with one Aeternal with a daughter. A little girl. I could see her dreams and she was having bad dreams of being an old man once. She was crying in the middle of the night because of them. So I went into the little girl's dreams and helped her find calm. Then at the end Nina came over to play.

2 - Nina was the queen of kingdom. And I was charged with bringing her back. She kept claiming she had a dark taint in her from being out in the wilds and could never come back but I pointed out it was just a bit of mud on her foot. She wouldn't let me wash it off though. It would've been so easy to just clean off. She was wearing the most radiant dress. Shimmering and gossamer. Pretty hair. And she trudged along in the wilderness and I had to chase after her. As she walked further away from the maiden sanctuary kingdom, she just seemed to flower more and more beautifully and that made her walk faster but that just accelerated it. I woke up because she turned and it startled me how pretty she was.

3 - I was working in some strange, dark lab. Nina was all dirty and bound in a cage. I rescued her from it and put her in my home and cleaned her up. She kept say "you don't have to" and tried to find reasons for me to not help but I was unrelenting. I wanted to and when she was all made up instead of "some beast" she was worried she was, she was revealed as a gorgeous girl. I gave her tons of hugs. I said with the two of us we'd be able to rescue all those others in the prison. End of dream.

And there was another dream about Nina and I sneaking around plotting to zap boys. Blissful times. No wonder I've woken up so happy this week ^_^.

4 - And then today's dream. This was a little bit different. Nina and I were like a Mulder and Scully team of investigators. I'm not sure what gender I was but I seemed taller than her in it. Someone had murdered God and we were trying to find the perpetrator. Nietzsche was investigated but he had an alibi, being 'mostly-deceased'. Our prime suspect was the Kittens. Apparently one of them was about to be killed by God and it was found alive with God's blood on it. *plot thickens* But that'd make for a cool, kinda twisted story.



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