Dec. 11th, 2006 08:30 pm
I had a doctor's appointment. Just check up. The hard part was mom having to go to the walk-in clinic to check out the sore on her leg. They said she had a fever of 103.6 F. And it's a Staph infection. Not good. I need to change this new dressing on her leg twice a day, on top of the bone stabbing her dressing on her other leg once a day. And she's just sitting in that chair all the time most days. This all does not bode well. *rests*


Mar. 17th, 2006 01:11 pm
Procedure went ok, a lot of nervousness but very "Here's the shot" " how long does it tak..*boom, out*" It really hurts down there right now they said blood is normal. I'm still kinda bothered that the doctor does want to go with idea it's a spasming bladder or something...hopefully he will now. We'll see. I see him next week and will totally zap him if she doesn't give me something to help with the overall situation other than "more numbing stuff". Very burny, gonna take a nap, thank you muchly for all the love. *kisses from Jody to all*

*hugs all*

Mar. 16th, 2006 09:42 pm
My surgery is tomorrow. I'll need to lie down in bed most of tomorrow due to discomfort, I'll try my best to post to my LJ from my PSP or something. So far as a post or something. Nothing occurs to me. You all know me and how I feel so if I die or something else dwelling on it now won't prevent it or help anything. It'll just happen. As a worst case I really figure I might need to be admitted for further surgery if they find something out of sorts but if it's something they feel they can help with drugs and the proceedure itself (my hope) then that'll be that. *hugs again* ^_^ Love you all. Take care.
It's not often you see an anime open with a country song by Olivia Newton-John. The style was nice, creative, another instance of a strong, maiden character in a Ghibli film, the only exception is...Porco Rosso...which Hayao Miyazaki has said is something of fictionalized biograph and the male character becomes a pig (Same with Chihiro's parents). I think it's pretty clear Miyazaki is pro-feminist. Also there are real sky, flying, floating themes in Ghibli films. Sure they're not all Miyazaki works but they sure do seem oddly linked together. I'd love to see the Nausicaa manga though.

Themes in Miyazaki Films I've Seen

1 - Flight/Flying creatures/machines
2 - Castles
3 - Strong Girls in Magic/Special Places that Have Special Abilities (or the resilience against adversity)
4 - Complex and often sympathetic motivations to villains (or a change of heart)

Those are the prevalent ones that occur to me...

Not really coming to a point...

I got a *cough* at the *cough* shop (*cue embarrassed Jody*). I think it's really embarrassing going into the *cough* shop matter your gender. Fortunately there was another girl at the counter so I wasn't quite as embarrassed. I don't know why I got it...I'm having a bladder operation/check on Friday so I'm probably not going to be able to do anything with it still at least next week depending on how I feel.

Also a tidbit that may not be of interest to most...for those who know about/watch the tv show "24" there anyone worth mentioning left alive in this show? Hasn't it essentially become "Get as far away from Jack Bauer as humanly possible because he is the freakin' angel of death!"?

Seriously, I gotta admitt as a writer it's kinda rare to see a show so vigorous to kill main characters...any work really. It's rare you see it. There's two regulars dead in the opener. Then just a bunch of bad-guys and NPCs...I mean civilians. Then three in quick succession. There's really very few people left to speak of. Oh yeah, they did kill half the people that worked in the building too...

Ok, moving past that, I'm feeling pretty good, no major things I feel like watching/playing right now. Bladder scope surgery on my mind. Been writing a little. Had an idea for a Katamari Damacy fan fiction thanks to's zappy too. Ummm...that's all I got for tonight. Just pondering a couple of things, like when I'm actually gonna pick up my DS again. It's not so much I dislike games or I'm not interested in playing, it's just I feel more of a desire at this point to share myself with friends and create cute things. Also I'm interested in meditation and self-hypnosis. For purely zappy-reasons. As with most of my motivations.

I'm considering leaving a last message in the very rare chance something happens to me with surgery or more likely anesthesia. I won't make a big deal of it but I do want to leave something just in case. I'm gonna chew it over and probably leave it on Thursday night since my surgery is on Friday. Just a message of love, appreciation and whatever occurs to me. I really think/hope I'll be fine, I mean after all I've got a *cough* that needs to be used.

Love you all, later



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