The electricity is finally okay now.

Earlier...from about 5:30 to 6:30...we got thrashed. Like a tropical storm. Heavy winds. Sheeting rain and hail mixing in and a lot of fallen trees in the roads. The other side of town cleared out pretty quickly. It's still oppressively humid around but decent in the house.
Mom apologized to me this morning. Still, a lot of the original problems exist but hearing her today meant a lot to me and helps.
Lately mom has been making up things/delusional...saying that we've given her shots when it hasn't been the case and calling pills poison. Saying she's eaten when she hasn't.

I tried to give her last pills of the day and she said the same and started clawing me. All over my right arm. I fought through it as best I could till I finally tried clipping her nails...of course then...she said that I was "killing her" and she was screaming the police were coming.

And naturally that I don't love her and she hates me.

I type this because I need a place to vent it. Some nights are bad but it's reaching the point where she needs to be some place else I think or we need to figure out if her medications are doing something to her.

I'm not talking to her again tonight. I'm very upset with the way she reacted. She always wants to die but at least shows that she loves me in the end despite her feelings.

More and more I feel like my mom is gone and the person left....I dunno.

I just needed to say this. I'm okay. The scratches will be okay but I'll make sure all the medical people in contact with us know. Maybe for some kind of psych meds or evaluation. *sighs* Not sure if she'd even take that though.

And after I spent about an hour tonight by her side helping clear up her gas and constipation and making sure she was clean after. I feel defeated...
I had a rough day with early heat. It's gonna be worse with 110 later this week but I'm managing right now. Gonna need to have a lot of air blowing.

Sorry I missed Anna X_X...

Mom has a dreaded doctor's appointment on Wed. I'm gonna try to get her into the wheelchair more often so she can move around. She had some issues earlier with her skin and she's always in pain.

I'm in a bit of pain myself with my poor ezcema finger. The skin is really raw but I think it's on the mend because the wound is closed. The new gloves are lousy. Need the plastic-y ones again but those are hard to find.

On a happier side, I played a bit of Dragon Quest 9. It always manages to impress me. I really liked 8 on the PS2 and this one seems to follow a lot of the design ideas. The land is lovely and the map is pretty cool.

I like the setting. The videos were really impressive. I'm tempted to have fun with it. A lot of my jokes would be at the expense of Celestials and other little random things. I'm intrigued by the fact iteration of the world seems to have gone back to a He "Almighty" instead of a Goddess. But I may be misreading. I need to pay more attention.

It's a lot of fun to make a character. I made a purple hair and eyed female character with the shortest hair. A lot of familiar monsters are back but I like the sack things the best. DQ seems to almost get as quirky as Earthbound (although the Mother series is much more bizarre with monster choices). I like wandering the world. There's no a lot of a quest right now. It took around an hour for me just to get to the credits. I believe 8 started the same way but I don't think it took quite as long to get the opening. I wish I had more of a party but none of the monsters have caused much trouble yet.

I like the mini-quests so far. Nothing too complex. I always feel like I'm missing something but I think I've figured out this RPG to the point it doesn't bother me much.

One thing I absolutely love and it's basically a game-changer for seeing the monsters on the field. It's kinda old for other RPGs but it really makes this game so much better. Now, if you're significantly below a monster's level and it sees will run away. ^^ That's cool.

I really enjoy checking out the landscape now.

Work continues on my next story. It's definitely in the vein of a B-movie thriller. Hopefully it'll be exciting. I'm still not certain on the ending. I kinda wanna go against expectations. We'll see though. Gonna do some more work on it soon ^^.
I figured out how I'm gonna end my next story. ^_^V

It's gonna be tense.

And I watched the World Cup today. I didn't really have an investment in the two teams involved but it was neat.

I think the big winner was Paul the Psychic Oracle Octopus, who apparently has a perfect prediction record for this World Cup.

And my ears. No more vuvuzelas :p.

I've been anxious to hear how my friend's convention weekend went ^^. I hope well.

Otherwise, not a whole lot going on. I had fun watching LordKat (the Until We Win game guy) eat a lot of Jelly Grass drinks, a durian, grasshoppers, balut, and the worst MRE a marine could send him (for his birthday no less).

Doing Okay

Jul. 8th, 2010 08:06 pm
I tend to use my journal on dA more than this one but I'd like to migrate to that Dream service. Maybe some day. I have a lot of work put into my creative page for LJ though so I'll probably keep this page up but right now my most active place is on the dA journal.

I'm doing alright on the whole. My right pointer finger is in pain though because of eczema aggrevated by latex gloves X_X.

I'm still stumped on a new story "You Are Me". I really want to have clear character antagonism and conflict but it's challenge.

PS - Focusing all my best to Anna having a much much better end to this week than how it started (hellish east heat sucked for everyone X_X). And lots of glee for Nina and her self-discoveries. And all my best to Jesse at the convention ^^V.
US out in a decent but kinda disappointing game. Spoony put it - England's really changed up their defensive style to "curling up in a ball and crying whenever a German runs toward them."

So much for a rematch there...

Although, a few US players are being courted by the richest soccer clubs in the maybe this is only the beginning of a lot more soccer interest.

I just hope it's the end of those blasting horns...

I've been writing a couple request/kiriban win stories on dA. I need to remember to post back here more often but I'm making good writing progress ^^.

And here's zappy glaring as ever ^^

Katsumi! )

None of the urls are working for me now. Is it just me? Livejournal moronocity? Server?
Sony thoughts

+ *sighs* -_- Killzone 3D...Sony addressing the 1 percent of the audience who is rich enough for super geeky tech.
+ SLY COOP...oh...just a rerelease...
+ I like Eyepet's idea. Augmented reality is neat.
+ Move and SORCERY!...People cheer him turning into a rat :p. Geez...these people will cheer anything. The wand looked insanely twitchy...and try really attempting to aim in a direction to hit something moving X_X.
+ Golf and right here the biggest problem with motion need to be as good as a golfer's aim every time you swing at the ball.
+ This I liked...Heroes on the Move (Jak, Ratchet, Clank, Sly, Bentley, and Daxter). It's a small Brawl adventure mode...doesn't make much sense logically but the character are so fun.
+ Who the hell is Kevin Butler and why is he telling annoying jokes for so long?
+ 80 bucks for a full Move controller. Around 60+ for a full Wiimote with Motion Plus and Nunchuck. Not bad. Just costly when you consider this is in addition to your regularly controller. For each person who plays. Oh and you need the Eye camera too.
+ MARCUUUUUS!....I have a bad feeling about this new ad campaign. It's not giant enemy crabs but it's Zelda-esce "Yo homes!" wannabe-hip.
+ And more God of War inter-quels on the PSP...haven't we kinda told all there is to tell? I mean there's not much wiggle room for more stories.
+ The PSP games were awesome though. Parasite Eve 3 and Patapon 3 (although I need a bigger memory stick to download 2 and probably this one as well). Nothing particularly new otherwise though.
+ "Can't make it to E3? Just come online and see a cruddy Second-Life-y version of grainy videos you could just see on a computer!"
+ I didn't sleep much but my gosh...I wasn't falling asleep to Nintendo...
+ LittleBigPlanet2 - Some created (wow...whole games). Love that concept. What worries me is it sounded like they designed a lot of the levels over just 24 hours. They probably didn't mean that. Some of the little demos felt derivative but LBP2 will probably have some great tools. The PSP version is a great game too. I wish there was more online stuff for it.
+ Ah online...but just "extras". Still, I don't think it's a good idea.
+ *naps* Medal of Honor...
+ Dead Space 2 footage...the Microsoft footage was neater.


+ Nice Portal 2 teaser - "I think we can put our differences behind us for science, you monster."
+ TG moment in Assasin's Creed footage as a woman turns into an assassin idea why but it's cool.
+ And montage of stuff I only mildly care about.
+ No new PSP hardware? Really? Aww...
+ And they finished on a new, glossier version of Twisted Metal with distracting reflections and shine. But with online. Finally.

And that was E3...

Found the trailer -

My main reason to buy a PS3 would be the Little Big Planet series and now Portal 2.

I need to track down the teaser trailer.
I gave up sleep to see this :p hehe. Gonna do quick thoughts then nap.

I'm one of those people who wants to see a Mother Compilation and Mother Online someday...but that probably won't I know to have reasonable expectations.

+ Zelda: Skyward looking (adult Link cel-shading). Nothing really standout but then it's Zelda. Zelda is Zelda each time. The world is very pretty though. There's a whip though. S&M Zelda? *hopes*. Next year release.

+ Mario Sports Mix - Neat. Nothing much else to say. Need to see more and I wish it was online.

+ Wii Party - Kinda the Mario Party replacement. The Wii Play-esce. Will it require Motion Plus? I know I'll probably need to get it if I want to play Zelda.

+ Just Dance 2 - Moving on...

+ Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - <3. Unfortunately very little for the DS first-party wise. It's gonna all go to the 3DS.

+ Goldeneye remake - Heard about it but neat presentation. I'm not terribly sentimental for Goldeneye but it's fun to see it around.

+ Epic Micky - Gorgeous looking. Love the level-design. More side-scrolling than last time. I just love the style.

+ KIIIIIIRBY! - Kirby Epic Yarn - Epic continues. Kirby's got new threads...or rather, he is thread. The style looks awesome and the play style look fun too.

+ Dragon Quest 9 - Awesome to see it get some action along with Metroid Other M clips.

+ Donkey Kong Country Returns ^^ - Fun looking.

+ And the big tamale. 3DS. They kept the name ^^. And they recognize 3D glasses are the biggest problem in showing 3D well. Say what you will about the color scheme on the new 3DS (it's about what I've heard rumor-wise)...but darn it...those are my favorite colors so they've got me <3. I assume that a zillion color iterations will follow. One slider pad is gonna be a challenge, just like with the PSP. Love the addition of the Home button. Its two cameras look like eyes ^^. Slider for 3D is nice. I kinda assumed having two touch screens wouldn't work with that many buttons. Motion sensor is cool but I hope it's not used all the time. That's a lot of control stuff to keep in mind. 3D photos is a nice touch but not sure the usefulness. Hollywood 3D movies! Kinda muscling in on Apple's video stuff. I'm really hoping for Netflix as well. *crosses fingers*. Ahhh...Project Sora. I was wondering about that and the Kid Icarus everyone wanted is here. Impressive visuals. Comparable to a PSP or Wii. Hard to tell at this point....and games.

Nintendogs + Cats (cats <3). Butt-load of devs (sees - Bandai/Namco, Atlus, Activision, EA, Leve 5 (yay!), Sega, Harmonix, Majestico, Takara Tomy (what's that?), T2?, MMV?, Hudson, AQ Interactive, Konami, Rocket?, THQ, Ubisoft, WB, Square Enix, KT, and Capcom). And holy cow...quite a list. I'll need to catch it later. SAINTS ROW!!!!! <3 Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

More Professor Layton. Ridge Racer. Assasin's Creed. Metal Gear.

Dead or Alive? 3D?...(aka - jiggle vision?)

And then a corny closing but I've already passed out with all those games so it doesn't matter. Graphically, Wii is quite a bit below the other major consoles but they played to their strengths with cel style and side-scrolling. Playing in different and cool ways. Great conference for Nintendo. I wanna see the full assessment of upcoming 3DS games and I'm gleeful for PSP2 (Someone give me my Netflix on the go!)

I want reasons for future PS3 and (hopefully) PSP2 to live in happiness with my Wii and DS (and 3DS). Waiting on Sony next ^^.

EDIT - *sees Kirby in action in better video*

This is like Yoshi's Story on acid @_@
I actually only caught the boring end live on SpikeTV (that station still exists? I thought it collapsed into a black hole of testosterone.)

Not interested by Call of Duty (or Gears of War) but Metal Gear Rising intrigued me for the ability to cut everything. I wasn't sure how the cutting mechanic works...analog stick? But I have to wonder...if you can just automatically cut through anything...where is the challenge? I assume enemies will parry/block your cuts somehow.

I have no perspective for Fable 3 (never played it before). Halo is Halo. I thought they were replaying Halo 1 with the generic corridor of what I saw. It was neat when they launched into space but there was so little of that to tell if there's a space shooter element (I kinda doubt it).

And then...the Nata...I mean Kinect...filler. I keep wanting to say Kinetc or Kine-ct. Konnect is not the sound I expect reading that word. It's not a particularly good name. Wii may have been ridiculous but at least it's easier to say (...I heard some 'why' attempts at first but mostly it's pretty straightforward). And PS3's thing is Move.

I don't see the appeal of waving to sign on my game machine. Just push a button. Plus the room the TV is in isn't particularly clear. I get line of sight with the Wii bar but in some positions my cursor will get a little jittery.

I can just imagine...*wave* *deletes account* No XBOX! Don't do that! *voice command...exterminate all humans!* EEEK! *runs*. Lol

Also, they seem to assume my internet connection is pure speed :p.

Then came the stuff that made me giggle.

Voice chat with movies - "Hey friend...let's watch a tiny version of a movie with video of each other talking about it." No, there is only one way to view a movie with a friend on chat...MST3K mode...use your Nata...Kinect to put a shadow version of you at the bottom of the movie with your friend in a theater and do voice chat mostly. That way you can watch the actual movie. Microsoft should so hire me. None of this picture-in-picture-in-picture junk.

So far as the Live update...Microsoft better not screw with my Live messenger. It's finally not working like poo.

ESPN streaming - Meh...they'll never have the Cleveland Indians live, so I don't care.

Does Microsoft assume we're ferrets on crack that scream "Shiny!" at every little thing on a screen and can do five things at once? Sports with chatting and questionnaires during the game? Meh.

And finally back to games...

Kinectimals - Nintendogs Goes to the Zoo. I have to admit...I had to wonder if the baby tiger had a "maul" option. All the while sitting through this...I thought..."How much more than five minutes of fun would it be to pet a CGI tiger?" I honestly didn't play Nintendogs all that much....mostly because the darn thing never let me unlock any of the neat stuff I wanted. I gotta admit though...bullet-time on the baby tiger made me laugh. I could easily see that as an internet meme. Bullet Time Baby Animals *WOOSH* *slow mo petting*

Then Wii...I mean Kinect Sports. Another only five minute fun task...getting the crowd to roar for you as you decapitate your enemy...Gladiator there's a game. Beat the crud out of your foes WITH YOUR BARE HANDS. *reenacts "Are you not entertained?!" from Gladiator*

And in all honestly...if I'm gonna play a running game...I don't want to actually f-ing run like someone actually doing's why the running in Wii Fit is only good if you pace yourself. And even then, I gave that up after a while in favor of Yoga. Rugs are not fun to for in-place running. Just go outside and do it then.

And then Mario (Kinect) Kart...aka...Joyride. I still think it's kinda stupid to hold your hands out to race. With where my TV high do I have to hold my hands up to make like a wheel? And can I make *vrooommm* *putt put putt* noises?

Kinect Adventures...basically more mini-games. And at this point it was getting really suspicious that there was no price given for the Kinect. So I'm thinking it's comparably priced to an entire Wii console.

And then the Wii Fit knockoff. Looks okay...but I'm not sure I want to see my body scanned and on the screen :p. The zen activity amused do you achieve zen in points? "Damn you! You're not as One with the Universe as you could be! Game over! Try again!"

And I honestly did not watch the dance portion.

So they have 15 mini-games at price? *sees Biggest Loser*...half of them are fitness games. There is a random Sonic Heroes type game though.

And then a rail-shooter-ish Star Wars game. *waves my hands around as if I actually have a light-saber* That is potentially the main positive of pretend you're holding things...which depending on your level of imagination is either cool...or dumb. But I didn't see too many games that really made me feel "pretend" all that well.

Then the car porn. How long till they head track real porn?..."Let's zoom in on the action!"...:p. The car porn was literally the most painful part of the conference I saw. Oh wow...a flash of info on the muffler...I must go deeeeper into the muffler. And wow...I can sit in a fake version of a Ferrari?

Then comes the main part I cared about. New 360 design. Launching this week-ish. Still 299 (but no Nat...Kinect price). Wi-fi built in (awesome). Decent HDD (but is it swappable for bigger?). Pinched in size which looks like it could fall over in a slight breeze. I gotta admit. The wi-fi built in was the main thing I was holding out for. But I'll have to see. There's a lot of neat stuff already on the 360 and it's the system I would get if I wasn't already swamped with games on the DS, PSP, and Wii. Mainly, I would buy it to play Phantasy Star with Anna and Jesse (and BlazBlue with Jesse). Otherwise, maybe the Mass Effect series and Fallout 3.

And that's my impression. I'm not a 360 gamer but that's my impression of how Microsoft left with my interest or not in the system.

Oh and they gave free 360s to everyone in the's under the seat and they're all getting NEW CARS!!!...Well, maybe not that.

*EDIT* Details on the hardware.

Sounds good all around. ^^
I update it more often than here. This is more my personal journal for the quiet saying I'm just relaxing and trying to shake this sinus infection.

I commissioned for Katsumi. Turned out awesome.

See here )
- That I didn't get sick with what was almost a pill mix-up. I was scared I took 2 Biaxin pills at once. Which only makes you vomit and have diarrhea but still. I'm not sure I took 2 or none. But I'll go back to taking it tomorrow.

- Relaxing to a good, well-fought game from the USA Soccer team.

- Finally getting through some of the tough puzzles on Picross 3D.

- Mom doing well today.

- Good friends ^^.

On a negative note...whoever thought vuvuzelas were a good idea can have one rammed down their throat X_X *grumbles*. Most annoying sound ever. Like bees swarming a dying goat...
There's a bot thing going around for nude pics.

I assume it enters normal text. So if you see me with un-purple text, question what I send link-wise.

It's often a link proclaiming to have nude pics of the user. Just so everyone knows in case I get hacked. I changed my password preemptively though. I've had it as the same thing for over a's time.



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