Feb. 18th, 2010

It was a good class tonight. Anna will be posting sketches tomorrow. Dunno if there'll be anything anyone would be interested in. She may just post them to her account. Friday is the big day for updates. I'm taking the last day of practice with mom getting into the Hoyer Lift on Thursday so that my Friday will be free of early stuff. Anna has Friday off so I intend to log on early and hug her often. Assuming I wake at a good time. It should be a really awesome Friday. Dunno how next week will be because mom is coming home very soon. So a lot of stuff will need to be done. Till then, gonna do a lot of zappy and happy.

And I can cross off the first draft of my Annotated Bibliography.

I've done a lot of reading but I'll note it all in another posting ^^
I have a little breather between mom coming home next week and an unavoidable torrent of class-related writing I need to get on with.

I'll take a stab at finishing my continued works and maybe posting something new. Still need to put together a backlog.

I've been doing a lot of reading of Y: The Last Man particularly in the bookstore. I'm to the 9th volume. It reads a lot like Lost in some ways so it makes a lot of sense that the author would wind up a writer on the show for about three seasons. All men are killed by something. Aside from one escape artist guy and his monkey he's supposed to be training for money. The story is quite compelling, exciting and rich with characters. There's some cliche here and there but it's a really good series that reads like a well-done TV show.

8 books...

Pluto is another really good series. It's a spin-off of Astro Boy from the same guy but done in the old Asimov style of a detective mystery. It's a breezy read with a lot of amazing world details and a lot of interesting bits about consciousness of robots in connection with humans. Very neat. I probably mentioned in before but I'm up to 2 volumes now and it's really twisty already.

8+2 books...

The Walking Dead is a really interesting zombie survival story. It takes itself a smidge seriously in its description but it's a good narrative aside from any "message".

10+1 books...

And then I mentioned I read Parasyte 1, Pride of Baghdad, and Discworld (Plus 3).

I finished reading the first volume of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. The manga much surpasses the film. The film is still beautiful but the manga is so fantastic and rich and cool and detailed and wonderful and it had story beyond the movie. Just volume one (perfect edition) is more than the scope of the entire film itself. Highly recommended. Amazing heroine. (+1).

And I think that's where I am for pleasure reading...

*counts it all up*...15? *isn't a math major*

My pace for the year would be around 14 so I'm on good pace with my effort to get to 100 books for the year ^^V.



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