Feb. 21st, 2010

For Nina ^^V

Vampiric Destiny

You’re sure a feisty one. I love a little fight. You’re only falling into the inevitable but the struggle makes it all worth it. I fought when I was converted from a normal human boy into an undead mistress. I clawed and thrashed. Before that, I tried to hide and say a few frantic prayers under my breath. The Lady of Darkness soon found me though. I tried to bargain with her. But all she wanted was to drain the life from me and reshape me to her wishes.

Just like I want from you. You have a rusty scent of life fighting through your veins. Life that would burst and run but there’s nowhere to run. There’s nowhere to go. Only to my embrace.

You’ll be mine as I was the Lady’s. A lovely fate. There could be far worse. If you were one of those that barely put up a fight then, at best, you’d be a pretty, unliving doll, obedient and lovely in gentle lace, attending on me with pure subjugation. But because you have fight in you, you’ll get to feed yourself some day. As you watch your life eaten up by me…so you will hunger as I do. You may deny it now…you may imagine your improbable escape…but know there is no escape. I thought those same words. I denied the same possibility. And here I am in all my dark beauty.

Look upon me. You will know an immortal form in every way. You may not understand yet. But you will. Oh yes, you will...
I read a good bit lately. Things have been okay. I didn't write quite so much as I hoped but I did write some of A Touch Too Close aside from my last posting.

I want to do a really silly poem but we'll see. The Saga of Rawk Lobster would be great.

So what did I read lately?

Asterios Polyp - Imagine one of those indie films about sad sack intellectuals who find their world upended into a small town. Most of those follow a formula. They're either hillbillies or small town sages. The book edges towards the latter end. The story is narrated by the main character's stillborn twin and is told out of order with a lot of details and visual information crammed in. It's a quite odd tale and there are points which kinda bore but the story is an intriguing one for how well it treats its characters...except for the over-intellectual play director...he's a flaming asshole the whole way. It's a fun book that shows Asterios changing from his black and white, one or the other mentality to something richer. The ending is fitting but sudden and quite depressing.

Clover - I sometimes like CLAMP. Other times I do not. This is one of those not times...they have done much better work. It's an interesting experiment in style but it's not very interesting to me. I actually rather liked the non-linear storytelling but it wasn't as cohesive as I would've hoped.

Y - The Last Man - This graphic novel is like an incredible TV series. It has amazing character development, richly-done flashbacks, and thrills all around for reveals and plot threads and recurring characters. It reminds me a lot of Lost in a good way (a lot of details, good plot work, twists, and centered firstly on the fun and tension and development of characters). I wish there was more too it and I wish there was a perfect TV adaptation of a work of this caliber. Amazing story and highly recommended.

The Killing Joke - The Joker is really f-ed up @_@...I'd heard a lot about this. Alan Moore shines in his work as always. Amazing style for a work which is only about 50 pages. The richest backstory on the Joker. Very twisted...darn clown-bondage midgets...it's dark. Very dark but also very good in approach.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1 and 2 - I still need to read the literary segments of the novel but what I've seen so far is so very interesting. The Annotations for this go on a looooong time. I went through the ones for Watchmen too and it's clear Alan Moore is always very extensive with what he writes into every aspect of a world. It's like the movie...only without the production headache stuff and limited scope and action-movie-blahs that made me have my issues with it. It's a story of all stories in one world. It's a compelling series. I didn't like the second one because it's kinda like crossing the Mulder/Scully/Moonlighting threshold. Especially the two characters paired up. *shudders*.

Higurashi up to the end of the first Curse Killing arc. Higurashi is like this...cute/cute/adorable/silly/cute/funny/cute/...spooky.../cute again/fun/...OH SHI-!.../*tremble*/*cautious smile*/cute/*GAH!RUN!*/OMG!OMG!OMG!/*O_O*/*GULP*/cute/silly/*OMG WHAT HAPPENED!?!?!*/

The last couple pages of the Cotton Drifting arc manage to be intensely unsettling in ways which even the anime didn't reach. Very well done adaptation.

And I believe those are the books I read soooo...27 books?

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Discworld GN
The Walking Dead 1
Parasyte 1
Pluto 1 and 2
Asterios Polyp
The Pride of Baghdad
The Killing Joke
League 1 and 2
Higurashi 1-5
Y - The Last Man 1-10

Sounds right ^^V.

PS - Spoony @_@... http://spoonyexperiment.com/2010/02/21/party-mania-review/ so silly and semi-zappy ^^V.



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